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Moving away from Covid, the prime minister has been told that he cannot take the support of Conservative MPs for granted, according to the Guardian. It comes as Boris Johnson faces a rebellion over plans to scale back the social care cap. The government revealed last week that a cap on the cost of care would not take into account expenses paid for by local authorities, meaning tens of thousands of England’s poorest pensioners face paying the same as wealthier people, the paper adds.

Guardian Front Page 27th of November 2021

The Guardian is one of many papers to lead on the new COVID variant, which many experts say is the most worrying yet and could potentially make vaccines less effective.It says scientists have warned it will “inevitably reach Britain” and that ministers have been urged to speed up vaccinations.

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Guardian Front Page 26th of November 2021

As well as the migrant story, The Guardian writes that six countries in southern Africa have been placed on England’s red travel list after scientists raised alarms over what is feared to be the worst coronavirus variant yet identified.

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