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Metro’s front page features a series of stills taken from a video in which Russian soldiers aim their rifles from behind two Ukrainian civilians, who are then seen to fall to the ground – one dead, one dying, the paper explains. It says the video of the killing is the clearest evidence yet of Russian war crimes and adds that the atrocity is one of 10,000 being investigated by the authorities in Kyiv.

Metro Front Page 25th of May 2022

Johnson is expected to need a “phenomenal explanation” to save his job, after whistleblowers claimed that he held “lockdown parties where staff were sleeping off hangovers on Number 10’s couches”.

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Metro Front Page 24th of May 2022

According to Metro, Boris Johnson has once again been accused of lying to parliament following the release of photos of him appearing to raise a toast during a speech at a lockdown party he later claimed never took place.

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