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According to the Daily Express, Scotland Yard ruled that Boris Johnson was not partying on photographs taken during a lockdown. The police have viewed the photos and concluded Mr Johnson was present in his work…

In the Daily Mirror, there is an article headlined, ‘How did he get away with this? ‘, which shows Boris Johnson toasting at a lockdown party he denied ever took place. The paper said it…

The Independent reports that Boris Johnson’s premiership has been thrown into even greater peril with the publication of photographs showing him drinking wine with Downing Street staff during England’s second COVID lockdown in 2020.

According to Metro, Boris Johnson has once again been accused of lying to parliament following the release of photos of him appearing to raise a toast during a speech at a lockdown party he later…

In the Daily Mail, Boris Johnson’s allies claim Sue Gray is “playing politics” over the release of her report on the lockdown parties in Downing Street.

In anticipation of the publication of the Sue Gray report into lockdown parties at Downing Street, the government is preparing to defend Boris Johnson over Partygate, reports the i.

For the PM, Partygate just won’t go away… The Observer reports that Boris Johnson is planning to sacrifice a senior civil servant – who was also criticized over the Downing Street parties – in order…

Boris Johnson will lose the next election if he doesn’t get a grip on the rising cost of living, according to a poll conducted for the Daily Mail. A large majority of respondents support a…

The i says PM Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are being faced with a “mutiny” over Britain’s ongoing cost of living crisis.

The Daily Express reports that Tory MPs have pledged to get behind Boris Johnson, but want him to get Britain back on track now that Scotland Yard’s partygate probe is over.

The Daily Mail reports that Scotland Yard’s partygate investigation, which cost £460,000, ended abruptly without any more fines for Boris Johnson on Thursday night.

As the Metropolitan Police’s investigation concludes, Boris Johnson escapes further fines as the partygate scandal dominates the Daily Mirror.

According to The Guardian, civil servants and special advisers have responded with fury and disbelief after Scotland Yard confirmed Boris Johnson received only one of 126 fines levied for law-breaking parties at Downing Street and…

Unless the EU agrees to “sensible” changes in the fight over customs checks, Boris Johnson is threatening to rip up the Brexit deal within days, the Daily Express reports.

On the front page of The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson claims the Northern Ireland Protocol is preventing Westminster from easing the cost of living crisis.

The Times reports that Jeremy Hunt has warned Boris Johnson that last week’s local elections were not just “mid-term blues” for the Conservatives, but also a sign the party risks losing the next election unless…

Lord Frost urged Boris Johnson to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol and demonstrate the same leadership he has shown on the issue as he has done on Ukraine, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Keir Starmer has vowed to quit if fined over beergate, contrary to Boris Johnson’s refusal to go after law-breaking, according to the Daily Mirror. Labour leader insists he did not break any rules, but says:…

In a packed legislative programme of 38 bills, Boris Johnson will outline a raft of new policies to reshape Britain for all, including proposals for cutting red tape for businesses, removing remaining EU regulations, and…

According to The Guardian, senior Conservatives are blaming Boris Johnson for the party’s poor showing in local council elections.

According to The i, the poor performance of the Tories in the local elections has put more pressure on Boris Johnson.

According to the Daily Express, Boris Johnson plans to announce a bill to get rid of rules and regulations that cost firms around £1 billion a year.

According to the i, candidates for the Conservative party in the local elections are distancing themselves from Boris Johnson.

Daily Mail reports that Boris Johnson has attacked the ‘liberal-Left lawyers’ who are trying to stop his plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Tomorrow’s council elections will see hundreds of Tories standing as “Local Conservatives” to distance themselves from Boris Johnson, reports The Guardian.