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The Daily Express leads on Brexit, reporting on Boris Johnson’s prediction that the UK is heading for the sunny uplands once it breaks free of the European Union.

The Metro says Boris Johnson reportedly tried to joke about his “rule of six” suggesting people might welcome it as “an excuse to avoid their in-laws this Christmas”.

The Guardian says Boris Johnson has warned northern leaders that failure to agree tougher COVID restrictions within days would be “unforgivable”.

The Daily Express describes the expected three-tier system for England as a “drastic” effort “to save the NHS”.It says Boris Johnson will announce that Liverpool, Manchester and other northern cities will be ranked in the most high-risk...

The Daily Mail leads with appeals to Boris Johnson not to cause “more pain and damage” with the latest efforts to drive down high COVID infection rates.

The Times says Boris Johnson will move to close pubs in coronavirus hot-spots because hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed by patients. The full story is here.

The Daily Telegraph leads on claims the Cabinet is split over coronavirus policy amid a growing Conservative backlash over Boris Johnson’s handling of the crisis. There’s more on efforts by Tory rebels to change ministers’...

The Daily Mirror has a scathing assessment of Boris Johnson’s speech to the Conservative Party conference, saying the prime minister “waffled” about “getting back to normal” but ignored unemployment and COVID. 

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley has been caught not wearing a mask when he should have been for the second time in a week, according to Daily Star Sunday. 

A national lockdown is coming if the public are lax at following lockdown rules at a “critical time”, warns the Daily Express, as it reports on Boris Johnson’s news conference.

Boris Johnson’s father is pictured shopping without a mask in the Daily Mirror, which quotes the 80-year-old as saying he was “maybe not 100% up to speed” on the rules.

Metro says Boris Johnson appealed for “calm” as he urged people to knuckle down and follow lockdown rules to get through the crisis.

The Metro says Boris Johnson is facing calls to reconsider the 10pm pub curfew – with disgruntled Tory backbenchers preparing for a vote against his “draconian” use of power.

The Daily Star reports that a dozy driver had the “sort of luck PM Boris Johnson has endured lately” when a rising river submerged their car during high tide.

Business chiefs and hospitality groups issued a string of dire warnings over the impact of Boris Johnson’s new six-month coronavirus restrictions, saying millions of jobs were on the line, the Daily Mail writes. 

The Daily Mirror leads Labour leader Keir Starmer’s blast at prime minister Boris Johnson and his handling of the coronavirus crisis as he said Britain “shouldn’t have one of the highest death rates in the world”. 

Metro writes that the founder of Pret has accused Boris Johnson of putting “millions” of jobs in danger with his coronavirus crackdown as the number of cases hit a five-month high.

The Daily Express leads with Boris Johnson announcing new coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday, adding that chief medical officers upgraded the COVID-19 alert level from three to four.

Boris Johnson is under pressure from Chancellor Rishi Sunak and some Tory MPs to hold back from draconian new lockdown measures to prevent too much damage to the economy, the Financial Times writes.