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More than 150 independent schools have unveiled a plan to become mass vaccination centres at which the UK’s entire teaching force will be given COVID-19 injections. The Mail on Sunday says the scheme aims to...

The Observer says ministers are at the centre of an “explosive row” over an outbreak of 500 cases of COVID-19 at the government’s DVLA driving licence agency HQ in Swansea.

The prime minister has warned of stricter travel curbs and continued lockdown measures while the COVID-19 infection rate remained “forbiddingly high”, The Guardian writes.­

The UK COVID variant may be deadlier than the original strain, Boris Johnson has warned. The Daily Telegraph also reports on the government’s new hard-hitting TV advert imploring the public to stay at home.

Teachers and police should be “rushed to the front of the queue” for the COVID jab, the Daily Mirror reports. It says Met Police chief Cressida Dick wants officers to be vaccinated to protect them from...

COVID jabs will be diverted to areas falling behind on vaccinating the over-80s amid concerns about regional disparities in the programme, claims The Times.

Experts and politicians have said people in high-risk minority ethnic groups must be prioritised for COVID immunisations, alongside a targeted publicity campaign, writes The Guardian.

Government scientists have warned ministers that millions of people are likely to start ignoring COVID restrictions once they have been vaccinated, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Boris Johnson’s latest move to scrap travel corridors is a “dramatic” turn for the government as it tries to stop COVID strains in their tracks, reports the Daily Express. 

The Guardian is reporting on the government’s announcement to scrap travel corridors from next week in an attempt to prevent any arrivals of new COVID-19 variants from abroad. 

On the front of The Daily Telegraph is another report about travel corridors.The prime minister announced the changes on Friday, meaning everyone travelling into the country from next week will be required to have a...

The Daily Mirror is leading with an exclusive account from inside an intensive care unit.Visiting Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital, the newspaper praises NHS staff as “modern-day miracle workers” and says COVID-19 patients in these beds...

An exclusive from The Independent reveals people are missing out on vital transplant surgeries due to the enormous number of COVID-19 patients in critical care units.

According to the Daily Mail, there are 21 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine currently in the UK. The newspaper says this means the entire over-70s population, care home residents and health staff could be vaccinated...

The Guardian is leading with the 1,564 COVID-19 deaths reported on Wednesday, which is the highest increase in fatalities since the pandemic began.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam is front and centre on the Metro, with a picture of him joining efforts in Nottingham to deliver COVID-19 jabs. 

The Daily Mail reports that members of the government’s SAGE committee want the two-metre social distancing rule extended to stem the spread of the new variant of COVID-19.

The Daily Telegraph splashes on pressure on the government to offer COVID-19 vaccinations 24 hours a day, with countries like Israel already protecting a fifth of their population by offering around the clock jabs.

The Observer leads on the number of coronavirus infections among NHS staff, saying there are fears it may affect the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Financial Times leads with the same story, saying Britain has been warned to prepare for a long haul out of the COVID-19 crisis, as the prime minster revealed one million people in England now...

The Daily Mail reports that a million people in England have now been given a COVID-19 jab but serious questions remain about the race to vaccinate the rest of the nation.

Boris Johnson has declared that Britain is at an “amazing moment” in its history as he pledged to realise the promises of Brexit and rebuild prosperity after COVID, The Times reports.