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Boris Johnson will push Joe Biden to change COVID travel rules and let Britons fly to the US when they meet tomorrow in the White House for the first time, The Daily Telegraph reports. 

The Daily Express expects ministers to scrap green and amber lists for British travellers in favour of one “no-go” category for the world’s worst-hit COVID hotspots.

The Daily Mirror reports that another national lockdown has not been ruled out by the prime minister as he reveals his plan for COVID-19 management during the winter.

Surprise! It’s back to panic stations – that’s the headline on the front of the Daily Mail in response to the prime minister’s winter COVID management plan.

The Guardian has a warning that up to 7,000 people a day could be admitted to hospital with COVID-19 in England next month unless the government introduces stricter measures.

Metro leads with Boris Johnson’s plea for people to behave “sensibly and responsibly” this winter as he presents his plan for managing COVID-19 during the colder months.

Most adults will be offered a COVID booster jab in the coming months and children over 12 can receive a first dose as Boris Johnson seeks to protect the country against a “prolonged and unpredictable”…

“12-year-olds to get jabbed” is the headline on the front of the Metro, which leads with the story that healthy children as young as 12 will be allowed to have the COVID-19 vaccine from next…

Plans to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to 12 to 15-year-olds across the UK are set to be announced by the government – and a mass inoculation programme will begin in schools within two weeks, The Observer…

The Daily Express leads with Chancellor Rishi Sunak speaking of his “immense pride” at how well the UK is rebounding from the COVID crisis, with two million jobs saved.

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, one of the scientists behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, says a mass booster programme is unnecessary because immunity to COVID from two vaccine doses is “lasting well” in the majority of people,…

Tensions are rising over masks on public transport as passengers and staff claim the number wearing them is falling because of a lack of enforcement and confusion over COVID rules, reports Metro.

The Daily Telegraph reports that children aged between 12 and 15 are expected to be offered a COVID-19 vaccine, against the recommendation from the government’s advisers.