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Government will announce “billions of pounds of state support for families hit by the cost of living crisis” in coming days, according to the Daily Mail.

The Times reports that the government will announce a “multibillion pound package” to assist households with rising living costs.

In anticipation of the publication of the Sue Gray report into lockdown parties at Downing Street, the government is preparing to defend Boris Johnson over Partygate, reports the i.

More than 90,000 civil service jobs are in danger of being cut as part of government plans to free up billions for tax cuts, the Daily Mail reports.

According to The Daily Mail, government plans to give staff the right to work from home by default were not included in the Queen’s Speech. There were concerns it would be difficult to get people…

According to The Times, neighbors will be able to vote on the style and size of new homes, extensions, and conversions in their area under government plans.

Having lost elections and faced rising inflation, the government has made a U-turn on more help to ease the cost of living crisis, the i reports.

The Guardian is among the papers to lead on the Queen’s Speech, which details the government’s plans.

There were no “specific measures” in the speech regarding the immediate cost of living crisis.

According to the i, the Government is seeking an urgent change to the Northern Ireland Protocol because it is dissatisfied with trade policies that create a “border in the Irish Sea”.

As the Daily Mirror asks, why is the government refusing to help Britons facing higher interest rates, rising energy bills, and unemployment?

The Bank of England has warned that Britain could enter a recession, prompting calls for the government to introduce a new package of emergency financial support for households, according to The Guardian.

Tory MPs forced government whips to act after furious female colleagues forced them to investigate pornography in the House of Commons, reports The Guardian.

According to Chancellor Rishi Sunak in an interview with The Telegraph, he would consider a windfall tax on energy company profits if they fail to make “investments in our country and in our energy security”….

The UK government plans to send 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe, in one of the largest deployments since the Cold War, according to the Daily Telegraph. The paper reports that tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, and…

According to The Independent, scientists have warned that government ministers in the UK will be left in the dark about COVID spikes if the surveillance programme is scrapped.

The British government has called for more, severe sanctions against Moscow, after reports of “barbaric” crimes undertaken by Russian forces in Bucha, which is on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Channel 4 will be privatised before the next general election in May 2024, The Daily Telegraph writes. The government has decided to make the change, which could open the broadcaster up to foreign investment, with offers…

Scientists have warned that less than three years remain to bring global emissions down to avoid a “catastrophic” temperature rise, The Independent writes. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change published a report earlier today. 

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is returning to the UK after the British government paid off a debt of almost £400m in a move that has paved the way for a nuclear deal with Iran, says The Daily…

The ordeal for British-Iranian prisoners Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori is over after they were released by Iran to return home. A third dual national accused of spying, Morad Tahbaz, was freed from prison on…

Metro leads with a plea for people to take in refugees from Ukraine – people who do so will get a £350-a-month “thank you” payment from the government.

France’s Emmanuel Macron has condemned Boris Johnson’s government for making Ukrainian refugees unwelcome in the UK and for falsely presenting to lead the world in helping the victims of the war, The Guardian writes.

The paper says Roman Abramovich has “blood on his hands” after the Chelsea owner was slapped with sanctions by the government.

Senior government figures believe President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine despite the West’s attempts to ease tensions, The Times writes.

The Guardian writes that a group of Conservative politicians and their allies on the “frontline” of a new climate war are attempting to derail the government’s green agenda, according to claims by leading climate scientists. 

The Financial Times reports that borrowing costs for southern Eurozone governments jumped close to pre-pandemic highs on Monday as investors adjusted to signs that the European Central Bank could raise interest rates as soon as…