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The Daily Telegraph reports that the government is to allow 100ft phone masts to be built inside national parks and at other beauty spots, in a relaxation of current rules.Their front page also focuses on...

The government’s own equalities watchdog has warned that so-called COVID passports could be discriminatory and therefore illegal – so says The Guardian.

The Times is one of a number of Wednesday’s papers highlighting that a senior civil servant worked at private company Greensill Capital while still in Whitehall. But, it says, the government has admitted the move...

British holidaymakers will have to pay hundreds of pounds for COVID-19 tests if they want to take a trip abroad this summer under plans to be announced by the government, says The Daily Telegraph.

President Joe Biden’s administration is calling for the world’s biggest multinational companies to pay levies to national governments based on their sales in each country, under proposals for a global minimum tax, reports the Financial Times.

The Daily Telegraph also reports on the pausing of the study, and quotes a government adviser who says slowing the rollout of the vaccine may be needed to maintain public trust.

The Daily Telegraph also reports on the pausing of the study and quotes a government expert as saying slowing the roll-out of the vaccine may be needed to maintain public trust.

Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, has called a government race report a “green light” for racists, The Guardian reports.

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for Boris Johnson to set a date for an inquiry into his government’s handling of the COVID pandemic – that’s the lead in the Daily Mirror.

The Guardian leads on reports that the ruler of Dubai and members of the Saudi royal family have claimed millions in taxpayer cash through the government’s furlough scheme.

The former head of the government’s vaccine taskforce Kate Bingham has told The Daily Telegraph that European leaders such as Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel have been “irresponsible” in undermining the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab.

The Times splashes on government scientists’ concerns that rising coronavirus infection rates in Europe could lead to a third wave in the UK – despite a successful vaccine rollout – and put summer holidays at...

The government is desperately searching for a buyer for Liberty Steel, Britain’s third biggest steel company, in a bid to stop it collapsing, reports the Financial Times.

Former PM David Cameron urged his ex-colleagues to give Greensill Capital better access to government-backed COVID-19 loan schemes, the Financial Times reports. Mr Cameron became an adviser to the company in 2018. 

The NHS announcement about vaccine shortages means that under-50s across the UK will have to wait an extra month to get their first doses, reports The Guardian.The paper also claims that grieving families who lost relatives...

The Guardian has spoken to senior doctors, government scientific advisers and a former civil service head who are calling for a public inquiry into Britain’s handling of COVID-19.

Brussels has blamed EU governments for growing vaccine chaos, as it accused them of stockpiling jabs despite a looming third wave of COVID, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The Observer says demands are growing for greater legal protection after the government was “deluged with thousands of personal stories of harassment from women and girls across the country”.

The Times reports that the UK is on course to vaccinate all adults with a first dose by the end of June – two months ahead of the EU – and one month ahead of the...

Editing an image of Boris Johnson in a clown costume on its front page, the Daily Star says thousands took part in a slow clap to show their disdain for the government’s recommended 1% pay...

The government is set to U-turn on its plans for a controversial coal mine in Cumbria after facing opposition from climate activists and MPs, writes The Independent. 

The UN has condemned the UK government of balancing “the books on the backs of the starving people of Yemen” in an act that will see tens of thousands die and damage the UK’s global...

The Observer leads on a poll suggesting 72% of the public believe the 1% pay rise offered to NHS workers is too low, as a backlash grows over the government proposals. 

Many NHS staff will receive just £3.50 a week extra if the government goes ahead with a proposed 1% pay rise – a decision that has prompted nursing union chiefs to announce a fund for...

NHS nurses could strike for the first time in the UK since 1988 after the government recommended a 1% pay rise for healthcare workers, according to the i weekend. 

The government is facing calls for tougher border measures following the news that a worrying Brazilian variant of the coronavirus has been found in the UK, The Guardian reports.