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A senior government source has told The Times that more lives will be lost unless France reopens talks over Boris Johnson’s plan to cut migrant crossings.The crisis has caused a diplomatic rift between the two…

Tory MPs are “increasingly worried about Boris Johnson’s competence and drive” and senior members believe the government needs to get back on track, The Guardian reports.

The Guardian has interviewed the former chair of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain, who says the rejection of multiculturalism by successive Conservative governments has helped fuel “vulgar racism” of the kind experienced…

The Guardian has interviewed the former chair of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain, who says the rejection of multiculturalism by successive Conservative governments has helped fuel “vulgar racism” of the kind experienced…

Tens of thousands of England’s poorest pensioners face paying the same for their old age care as wealthier people after the government published details of the new cap on home and care costs, The Guardian…

The Guardian reports on how Michael Gove has been drawn into the ‘cronyism’ row after claims a Conservative party donor who supported his leadership campaign was awarded £164m in government COVID contracts. 

Shell plans to ditch its dual share structure and relocate its tax residence from the Netherlands to the UK – despite an 11th hour bid by the Dutch government to stop the move, according to…

Business groups joined climate activists in expressing frustration that national governments were not moving aggressively enough to tackle climate change, after the COP26 agreement was watered down in the final minutes, the Financial Times writes. 

Under government plans to raise an extra £2.5 billion a year, graduates will have to give up more of their income to repay their student loans faster, writes The Daily Telegraph. 

Hundreds of companies set up after the government’s furlough scheme was established claimed up to £26.6 million from the taxpayer, according to the Times.

Tory MP and former attorney general Geoffrey Cox QC has earned hundreds of thousands of pounds advising the government of a Caribbean tax haven, according to the Daily Mail.

The Guardian claims a government watchdog had to step in to prevent ministers from breaching a strict code on neutrality and independence while searching for new chairs for the BBC and British Film Institute. 

The Queen’s video address at COP26 leads on the front page of The Times.Her Majesty called on governments to put together an ambitious agreement to tackle climate change.

Rishi Sunak has claimed the Conservatives are the “real party of public services” as he announced a budget in which government spending will rise to highest sustained level since before Margaret Thatcher, The Times reports.

The Daily Star has been getting creative by featuring the chancellor and the prime minister in a mock-up poster for a fourth film in The Hangover franchise. The tabloid highlights fears over shortages and soaring…

The Daily Telegraph splashes on a report suggesting how the government’s Test and Trace scheme has been an “eyewatering” waste of taxpayers’ money, despite £37bn in funding. 

The Observer has learned that the UK Health and Security Agency contacted local authorities on Friday to canvass their level of support for the immediate rollout of Plan B restrictions – in a sign that…

The Guardian carries a warning from trade union leaders that the government risks “another winter of chaos” if it does not implement COVID restrictions like mandatory mask-wearing in shops and on public transport.

The Guardian splashes on GPs threatening industrial action over the government’s attempt to force them to see any patient who wants a face-to-face appointment.

The Guardian has reported that the suspect alleged to have murdered Sir David Amess received support under the government’s counter-terrorism programme. 

According to The Times, a government strategy will recommend that MI5 and counterterrorism police should be given more control over the Prevent programme. 

The government has been forced to send in the military after signs that the fuel shortage is not improving in many parts of the UK – that’s on the i weekend edition.

Sir Keir Starmer is set to break from the legacy of Jeremy Corbyn and accuse the government of being “lost in the woods” in his keenly-awaited conference speech, The Guardian says.

According to The Daily Telegraph, a fresh Brexit fishing war is threatening to break out after the government rejected three-quarters of applications from small French boats to fish waters around Britain.

Boris Johnson is backing a new generation of nuclear reactors, which he sees as essential to the government achieving its 2050 net zero targets, according to The Sunday Times.

“We all knew this was going to happen when ministers said there was no need to panic” – the Daily Star blames the government for panic buying seen at petrol stations on Friday.