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The Daily Express says the country must unite to tackle climbing coronavirus cases as Boris Johnson called for local leaders to cooperate with the government on its response.Read more on this story here.

The Times writes that the government is “at war” with Manchester over the toughening of coronavirus measures, highlighting how it tried to make the mayor “fall into line” with a £60m rescue package that was rejected...

The Metro leads with Greater Manchester’s mayor Andy Burnham rejecting the government’s final offer of £60m in extra lockdown assistance.Read more on this story here.

The Guardian reports on the Welsh government’s decision to enter a 17-day “firebreak” lockdown – despite having the lowest rates of COVID-19 infection of the four UK nations.

The Times predicts a resolution to the government’s coronavirus stand-off with Manchester thanks to pressure from “senior Tories”, who have sided with the region’s Labour mayor, Andy Burnham, including local MP and Tory grandee Sir...

The i leads on predictions by the government’s scientific advisers that coronavirus vaccines will not be available until after Christmas. There’s more on that story here.

The i says Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has accused the government of treating the region as “canaries in a coalmine”.

The Times leads on the rise in coronavirus cases across the UK, saying the country is on the brink of tougher lockdown measures, despite government attempts to get back to normal.

Metro leads with news that up to 48,000 people exposed to coronavirus may have been unwittingly spreading it around the community after a computer error involving the government’s tracing system.

The i reports that some Tory MPs are angry with ministers because they have not agreed to some of the government’s new coronavirus restrictions.

The Daily Mail leads on a possible revolt by Tory MPs, including some of those who helped secure last year’s majority by winning long-held Labour seats, over the government’s proposed new coronavirus restrictions.

Students have been given a Christmas lockdown warning as government scientists warn that travelling home poses a risk of “larger outbreaks” of COVID-19, the i reports. 

The Guardian focuses on the threat of a second lockdown during the PM’s speech, when he warned the government “reserves the right to go further” if people don’t obey the new rules. 

The Guardian says the UK’s most senior government scientists will make a direct appeal to the public on Monday to warn “a critical point has been reached” in the fight against coronavirus.

The Daily Express says the government’s top COVID team will issue the public a stark warning on Monday that the UK is at a “critical point” in its fight against coronavirus.

The Metro says the government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty is expected to warn that “Britain is heading in the wrong direction” in its battle with coronavirus.

The Daily Express says the UK’s leading scientists have urged the government to consider “circuit break” measures for around two weeks to slow the spread of coronavirus infections. 

The Independent leads on NHS hospitals being banned from carrying out their own coronavirus testing after the government capped funding for tests in the health service.

The i newspaper says it can reveal some vaccine news, reporting that ministers are planning to invoke emergency powers to vaccinate the public against Covid-19 even if it is unlicensed. If a vaccine is available...

Testing also leads many papers. The Times has spoken to a scientist who has toured the government labs that opened in April and are processing the tests. The scientist says the labs are inefficient –...