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The Daily Mirror reports that another national lockdown has not been ruled out by the prime minister as he reveals his plan for COVID-19 management during the winter.

According to The Times, Britain is seeing a sustained fall in reported COVID-19 cases outside of lockdown for the first time since the pandemic began. 

Up to 50,000 cases of dementia were missed during lockdown, with around one in ten sufferers going undiagnosed because referrals to memory all but stopped at the start of the pandemic, writes the Daily Mail. 

Shutdown replaces lockdown, the i says, with the number of people having to isolate hitting retail, transport, tourism, manufacturing, NHS and police particularly hard.

Hospitals across the country are struggling to cope with a surge in pressure with more than a week to go before the end of lockdown restrictions brings a further increase in COVID cases, claims The…

Metro reports that Boris Johnson has taken a bold gamble by declaring the last lockdown restrictions will lift on 19 July – even though daily COVID cases will rise and more people will die.

The Daily Star reflects on the slightly depressing thought that not only has lockdown been extended but the heatwave will be coming to an end soon

The Financial Times says Boris Johnson has thwarted the calls of business leaders for prolonged financial support after delaying the end of lockdown by four weeks.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the prime minister is to encourage the public to accept “one last heave” to freedom as he delays the final step of lockdown reopening.

The Times claims England’s roadmap for easing lockdown could be delayed by a fortnight with cabinet ministers increasingly pessimistic after a “downbeat” briefing from chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick…

The vaccine rollout is to be accelerated in an attempt to secure a route out of lockdown, with over-40s expected to receive their second jab within eight weeks, rather than 12, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The i says “Holiday in the UK to save 21 June”, as the paper reports on the changes to the holiday travel list. 21 June is when the next stage of lockdown measures is due…

The Guardian’s front page focuses on plans to extend the school day to allow pupils to catch up on time lost during COVID lockdowns.Unions have criticised the plans as “inadequate”, the paper reports.

Scientists have urged the government to speed up second doses of COVID vaccines and delay a decision on easing lockdown restrictions on 21 June in an attempt to tackle rising cases, The Guardian reports.

The Daily Telegraph reports that richer countries must urgently give more COVID vaccines to poorer nations or risk new variants emerging that could bring about future lockdowns, according to leading bodies.

Metro writes that the end of lockdown three weeks today is on a knife-edge because of the threat of an “explosive” third wave of infections which could overwhelm hospitals, despite the vaccine rollout.