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The Independent reports that “chaotic lockdown parties and all-night drinking at Downing Street” have been alleged as the prime minister prepares to release Sue Gray’s report.

Johnson is expected to need a “phenomenal explanation” to save his job, after whistleblowers claimed that he held “lockdown parties where staff were sleeping off hangovers on Number 10’s couches”.

According to the Daily Express, Scotland Yard ruled that Boris Johnson was not partying on photographs taken during a lockdown. The police have viewed the photos and concluded Mr Johnson was present in his work…

A picture published by The Daily Star shows the prime minister raising a glass at a leaving party in Downing Street during lockdown restrictions, which has sparked fresh accusations that he lied to parliament.

In the Daily Mirror, there is an article headlined, ‘How did he get away with this? ‘, which shows Boris Johnson toasting at a lockdown party he denied ever took place. The paper said it…

The Independent reports that Boris Johnson’s premiership has been thrown into even greater peril with the publication of photographs showing him drinking wine with Downing Street staff during England’s second COVID lockdown in 2020.

Johnson is facing fresh allegations that he lied to MPs after photos emerged of him toasting a senior aide at a Downing Street leaving drinks event during a national lockdown. Following the event in November…

The PM is waiting to see MPs’ reactions to the first photos that have emerged of him drinking at a lockdown-busting party at 10 Downing Street, the i reports.

According to Metro, Boris Johnson has once again been accused of lying to parliament following the release of photos of him appearing to raise a toast during a speech at a lockdown party he later…

In the Daily Mail, Boris Johnson’s allies claim Sue Gray is “playing politics” over the release of her report on the lockdown parties in Downing Street.

In anticipation of the publication of the Sue Gray report into lockdown parties at Downing Street, the government is preparing to defend Boris Johnson over Partygate, reports the i.

As Labour prepared to present police with evidence showing his team worked past 1am on the night he was pictured drinking a beer, Sir Keir Starmer dramatically pledged to resign if fined for breaking lockdown…

Sir Keir Starmer has been accused of placing “deeply inappropriate” pressure on authorities investigating beergate after he said he would resign if Durham Constabulary fined him for his lockdown beer with aides. Opponents said this…

According to the Mail, Durham Constabulary is reviewing the decision to clear Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer of an alleged breach of lockdown rules after a Conservative MP requested it. Richard Holden’s letter was replied…

The Guardian says Boris Johnson’s position is under threat again after the police decision to issue fixed penalty notices to 20 people for lockdown breaches.

Boris Johnson is expected to be among
50 people in Downing Street who will
be questioned by police over lockdown breaching
parties, The Times reports.

The Times leads with Boris Johnson promising to reset a “dysfunctional” Downing Street and persuade rebellious MPs to gain a sense of perspective on allegations of lockdown-breaking parties. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was photographed holding a
can of Estrella beer
at his lockdown
birthday bash, the Daily Mirror reports, adding the picture is believed to be in the hands of the Metropolitan Police. 

The paper leads by saying Boris Johnson has again refused to quit over partygate despite Sue Gray’s report showing police are investigating 12 lockdown gatherings at No 10.

“Yes PM, you got it wrong… now get it right!” is the Daily Express’s verdict on the publication of Sue Gray’s report into lockdown busting parties at No 10.

The Times says that the senior civil servant investigating lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street is furious after the Met Police told her not to publish key parts of her report.

Boris Johnson faces being interviewed by police after Scotland Yard said Downing Street parties crossed the threshold for a “serious and flagrant” breach of lockdown rules, reports The Times. 

Boris Johnson is at the centre of a police investigation into parties at No 10 after Scotland Yard revealed it has been handed evidence of the “most serious and flagrant type of breach” of lockdown…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing renewed anger from MPs and bereaved families after it emerged that Carrie Johnson had thrown him a surprise birthday party during lockdown, writes The Guardian. Read more on this story…