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Rules on isolation and holiday quarantine could be eased for those who have had both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Daily Mail.

The i reports students could receive their COVID vaccines in school – if ministers decide to start offering jabs to teenagers.

Boris Johnson is backing calls for NHS and care home staff to be given mandatory COVID vaccines – that’s the lead in The Times.

The Guardian says the government could face legal challenges if it opts to force all NHS and care home workers to have COVID vaccine jabs.

People aged 25 to 29 are from Tuesday being invited to book in for their first coronavirus jab as NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens hailed the “world beating” vaccine programme, reports the Daily...

The i says only 2% of people admitted to hospital with the Indian (Delta) variant had received two doses of a COVID vaccine, and two thirds were unvaccinated.

Boris Johnson is being warned that progress on climate change could be scuppered by developing nations if they are not given equitable access to vaccines, The Observer says.

The vaccine rollout is to be accelerated in an attempt to secure a route out of lockdown, with over-40s expected to receive their second jab within eight weeks, rather than 12, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The Daily Telegraph joins most of the other papers in leading with the news that Portugal has been placed on the amber travel list. It also features a picture of Boris Johnson getting his second COVID...

Scientists have urged the government to speed up second doses of COVID vaccines and delay a decision on easing lockdown restrictions on 21 June in an attempt to tackle rising cases, The Guardian reports.

The Daily Telegraph reports that richer countries must urgently give more COVID vaccines to poorer nations or risk new variants emerging that could bring about future lockdowns, according to leading bodies.

Metro writes that the end of lockdown three weeks today is on a knife-edge because of the threat of an “explosive” third wave of infections which could overwhelm hospitals, despite the vaccine rollout.

The government wants everyone in the top nine priority groups to be protected by two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine before 21 June – that’s on the front of The Times.

The i reports that ministers are aiming to offer a second COVID-19 vaccine dose to all over 50s in the next three weeks.

The Metro has published a second edition of its front page to include Prince William’s comments on the BBC investigation. It’s lead is still a story about the World Health Organisation confirming that existing COVID vaccines...

Britons are expected to get the green light from the EU to use “vaccine passports”, the Telegraph reports.It says fully vaccinated people would be able to fly to Europe without having a test or going...

Thousands of people in areas hit by the Indian COVID variant have changed their minds and lined up for a vaccine, says Metro.

The Daily Express leads with the Bank of England’s claim that big-spending consumers will send the economy surging back to pre-COVID levels this year. Spurred on by the vaccine rollout, the boom will trigger the...

The Independent claims Britons aged under 40 will be offered an alternative to the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine as a precautionary move by the government. The paper says out of more than 27 million AZ jabs...

Billions of pounds in aid and a massive export of vaccines are needed to prevent COVID-19 overwhelming health services in South America, Asia, and Africa in the next few weeks – that’s on the front...

US economic output moved close to pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter, highlighting the accelerating recovery hailed by President Biden following a massive fiscal stimulus and a successful COVID vaccine rollout, writes the Financial Times.