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The Guardian is one of many papers to lead on the new COVID variant, which many experts say is the most worrying yet and could potentially make vaccines less effective.It says scientists have warned it…

The Times leads on comments by Kate Bingham, who led the country’s vaccine taskforce.She’s said “groupthink and risk aversion” in the civil service is putting the UK at risk on future threats as diverse as…

The Independent is leading on reports that a modified version of the Oxford vaccine is being developed to target the Delta variant, in the wake of rising infections in the UK.

Young children have been exposed to “lies and conspiracy theories” about coronavirus and vaccines on the social media app TikTok for months, The Guardian has learned.

“12-year-olds to get jabbed” is the headline on the front of the Metro, which leads with the story that healthy children as young as 12 will be allowed to have the COVID-19 vaccine from next…

The Times claims booster vaccines are expected to get the go-ahead early next week after data showed they give a “several-fold increase” in vital antibodies that protect against coronavirus.

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, one of the scientists behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, says a mass booster programme is unnecessary because immunity to COVID from two vaccine doses is “lasting well” in the majority of people,…

The Daily Telegraph reports that children aged between 12 and 15 are expected to be offered a COVID-19 vaccine, against the recommendation from the government’s advisers.

Google workers will only be able to return to its US offices if they have had two COVID vaccine injections – that’s the lead in the Metro.

Ministers have been warned by senior health officials that allowing fully vaccinated Europeans to enter the UK freely could raise the risk of lower quality vaccines undermining Britain’s immunity against COVID-19, The Times reports.

Boris Johnson is worried Britain may “squander its vaccine bonus”, so he’s planning to ease England’s COVID travel restrictions soon, says The Times.

The Metro leads on Matthew Keenan, a new father who did not believe in COVID vaccines and died of the disease wishing he had been jabbed.