Newspaper Round Up: 10th of November 2020

Daily Star
And the Daily Star also leads on the vaccine - although it has a slightly different approach. It greets the news that the jab was unveiled by the maker of sex drug Viagra with the headline "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!".
How the vaccine was developed is looked at in detail on the front of the Times, which says 44,000 people enrolled in the global vaccine trial - which ran on three continents. The paper says that the first vaccine was decided "not just by clever science but by German commuters not wearing their masks, US students attending parties they shouldn't have, and Buenos Aires taxi drivers working despite a cough".
Daily Express
The Daily Express focuses on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's promise that the UK will be at the "front of the pack" to acquire the new vaccine.
Daily Mirror
A breakthrough in the development of a vaccine for coronavirus is celebrated by Tuesday's front pages. "Our little bottle of hope" is the headline in the Daily Mirror, which says Britain will have doses for five million people by the end of this year - if it is approved by regulators.
Daily Mail
"One small jab for man..." is the headline in the Daily Mail, which says scientists have hailed the "giant leap for humanity". The Daily Mail reports that the "dramatic announcement" of the first effective Covid vaccine could see life return to normal by spring.
Daily Telegraph
Britain has already ordered 40 million doses of the new vaccine, according to the Daily Telegraph. It also says the NHS has plans to create 1,500 vaccination sites within weeks in anticipation of the roll-out and is the only paper to use its front page to display the "priority list" of who will get the first jabs.
The Guardian reports that the vaccine was developed by a small German biotechnology company, BioNTech, which worked with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Health editor Sarah Boseley's report claims the performance of the vaccine "far exceeded the expectations of most experts".
"Vaccine discovery: the world celebrates" is the rather jubilant headline on the front page of the i - which also highlights the quote from vaccine developers that it is "a great day for science and humanity".
"A shot in the arm to beat Covid" is the take in the Metro, which says that news of the vaccine caused stock markets across the world to surge - including London's FTSE 100.