Newspaper Round Up: 20th of May 2021

Times Front Page 20th of May 2021

The Times strikes an upbeat note, saying the end of the coronavirus lockdown remains on schedule for next month as hospital admissions remain “flat” in variant hotspots such as Bolton. But it also warns that diversity among the UK’s civil servants remains at a similar level to 50 years ago – with only one in five today coming from a working class background

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Daily Mail Front Page 20th of May 2021

Families should expect “a knock on the door” when they return from foreign holidays, says the Daily Mail. The paper says Home Secretary Priti Patel has warned officials will be carrying out up to 10,000 home visits a day, to people who have visited amber list countries, to make sure they are fulfilling ten days’ quarantine.

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Guardian Front Page 20th of May 2021

The Guardian is less upbeat about the pandemic “freedom plan” out of lockdown. It says it may be under threat from a rise in the number of COVID variants meaning the end of social distancing rules may be delayed.

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