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Front Pages for the 22nd of June 2024

Times Front Page 22nd of June 2024

Author J.K. Rowling has accused Labour of abandoning women who are concerned about transgender rights, criticising Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s perceived dismissive approach towards these concerns and stating she would struggle to support the party under his leadership.

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i Front Page 22nd of June 2024

The National Trust is calling on UK political leaders to pledge support for protecting rivers from illegal sewage dumping and other forms of pollution, as part of their campaign to save Britain’s rivers.

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Yesterday's Newspaper Round-Up

Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph features Sir Keir Starmer’s assertion that Jeremy Corbyn would have been a superior prime minister to Boris Johnson.

Daily Mirror

Three individuals are being investigated in connection with a Tory election betting scandal, as a significant increase in election bets comes to light.

Daily Express

A campaign by the Express has successfully secured the availability of a life-saving NHS drug for a one-year-old child with cystic fibrosis after five years of advocacy, greatly improving his future prospects.

Daily Star

The Daily Star reveals Frank Lampard’s displeasure at Gary Lineker’s insinuation about his bald spot.


Rishi Sunak has declared his intention to take strict action against individuals found to be betting on the election date, warning that those responsible within the Conservative Party would face severe consequences.


Former Tory energy minister Chris Skidmore has announced his intention to vote Labour, criticising Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for aligning with climate deniers and politicising the climate crisis.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail highlights Sir Keir Starmer’s assertion that Jeremy Corbyn would have been a superior prime minister to Boris Johnson.


A betting scandal has disrupted the Conservative campaign, causing concerns that additional names may be revealed in connection to the controversy.


The Conservatives are facing a significant crisis after it was revealed that their campaign director, Tony Lee, has taken a “leave of absence” amidst an investigation into gambling allegations involving election polling dates.

Financial Times

FT analysis has detected unusual betting activity on a July election before Sunak’s pending announcement, with punters securing long odds amid the scandal-stricken Conservative party.


Tory campaign chief Tony Lee has taken a leave of absence amid claims he and two others placed bets on the date of the election after allegedly finding out it was to be called for 4th July.

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