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Front Pages for the 21st of July 2024

Sunday Express Front Page 21st of July 2024

Labour faces accusations of a “Great Brexit Betrayal” as a new law being drafted by ministers could align UK manufacturers with EU product safety rules, potentially undermining Brexit opportunities and angering former Cabinet ministers and businesses.

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Observer Front Page 21st of July 2024

The Labour government plans to prioritise educational reform by incorporating more sport, drama, and music alongside academic subjects to improve opportunities for working-class children regardless of their background.

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Yesterday's Newspaper Round-Up

i weekend

The i weekend reports on a global IT crash affecting GPs, hospitals, airlines, railways, and banks.


The Guardian reports that recovery from Friday’s global IT outage “could take weeks.

Daily Telegraph

Thousands of tourists and patients are facing disruptions as a global IT meltdown affects flights and NHS services at the start of the summer holiday season.


An IT company’s mistake has caused significant technical failures at British airports, hospitals, and GP surgeries, leading to severe delays and cancellations for thousands of travellers.

Daily Mirror

A global computer crash caused widespread disruption to transport, business, healthcare services, and television broadcasting, as IT systems worldwide experienced a meltdown.

Daily Mail

A global IT meltdown caused significant disruptions by revealing the vulnerabilities of a cashless society, as computers crashed in shops, banks, and hospitals, with train ticket machines, flights, and supermarket payments all being significantly impacted.


A major global IT crash caused by a faulty software update has severely impacted hospitals, GPs, banks, airlines, and train services, leading to cancellations, delays, and disruption of essential services.

Daily Star

A significant global meltdown affected various services including the NHS, flights, trains, doctor’s surgeries, shops, and banks due to an error made by an individual in the US who inadvertently pushed the wrong button, causing widespread IT system crashes and chaos.

Financial Times

A widespread IT outage has severely disrupted travel, financial and health services globally, caused by a software update issue linked to CrowdStrike, affecting Microsoft users and potentially taking days to fix.

Daily Express

A major IT meltdown, described as a “digital pandemic,” caused worldwide disruptions by paralysing systems, leading to the cancellation of trains, flights, and hospital appointments, and is expected to take days to resolve.

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