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Front Pages for the 5th of March 2021

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Furlough is the element of the budget the i leads on, saying the extension of the job protection scheme means it will be in operation for a year and a half.


The Times warns “businesses and families” will pay for the chancellor’s pandemic spending as it reports on a budget that brings the highest level of tax since the 1960s.

Daily Express

The Daily Express looks on the bright side of the budget, calling it the start of the UK economy’s post-COVID comeback.

Daily Mirror

“All-out war” is the Daily Mirror’s take on a palace investigation into allegations the Duchess of Sussex bullied staff, which Harry and Meghan have dismissed as a smear campaign.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail leads on the latest royal developments, reporting that Her Majesty has ordered an investigation into claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “outrageous bullies” towards staff. 

Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph focuses on the tax element of Rishi Sunak’s budget, calling it a “five-year grab”.


The Guardian leads on the rising cost to the Treasury of keeping the economy afloat during the coronavirus pandemic and says the chancellor has signalled Britain’s businesses and middle earners will pay the price later.


The Metro calls Rishi Sunak’s spending pledges “historic” as it labels his package of budget measures “risky”.

Financial Times

The Financial Times lists the huge spending commitments made in the chancellor’s budget, but warns tax rises are on the way.

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