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Front Pages for the 13th of May 2021

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Metro Front Page 13th of May 2021

Metro leads on the backlash over a county court judgement that reveals Boris Johnson has an unpaid debt of £535.The prime minister received it in writing six months ago but didn’t pay it, the paper reports.

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Yesterday's Newspaper Round-Up


The Times leads on the Queen’s Speech – splashing on proposed laws to protect free speech at universities.

Daily Mirror

The investigation linked to a potential Fred West victim in a cafe in Gloucester makes the splash of the Daily Mirror.

Daily Express

The Queen’s Speech also makes the front page of the Daily Express.The paper says Boris Johnson promised to make Britain a land of “opportunity”.


The Queen’s Speech is the splash for Metro. Her Majesty – now 95 – opened parliament just a month after the death of her husband Prince Philip, the paper writes.


The i splashes on the Greensill saga, including David Cameron’s texts to Chancellor Rishi Sunak.


A proposed law requiring voters to show ID cards when they cast their ballots is the top story in The Guardian.


The Independent also leads on David Cameron’s texting to government officials, as the Financial Conduct Authority launched a probe into the collapse of Greensill Capital.

Daily Telegraph

On the front page of The Daily Telegraph is a piece about social media platforms facing harsher sanctions for not protecting children from “online harms”.Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden also tells the paper that “enough is...

Financial Times

The Financial Times leads on the latest in the Greensill lobbying saga. Lex Greensill testified before politicians on Tuesday, as texts from former prime minister David Cameron were published.

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