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Front Pages for the 25th of May 2022

Metro Front Page 25th of May 2022

Johnson is expected to need a “phenomenal explanation” to save his job, after whistleblowers claimed that he held “lockdown parties where staff were sleeping off hangovers on Number 10’s couches”.

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Yesterday's Newspaper Round-Up

Daily Express

According to the Daily Express, Scotland Yard ruled that Boris Johnson was not partying on photographs taken during a lockdown. The police have viewed the photos and concluded Mr Johnson was present in his work capacity.

Daily Star

A picture published by The Daily Star shows the prime minister raising a glass at a leaving party in Downing Street during lockdown restrictions, which has sparked fresh accusations that he lied to parliament.

Daily Mirror

In the Daily Mirror, there is an article headlined, ‘How did he get away with this? ‘, which shows Boris Johnson toasting at a lockdown party he denied ever took place. The paper said it was part of a series of photos exposing his partygate defense.

Daily Telegraph

There is pressure on Scotland Yard to explain why the prime minister was not fined for attending a meeting in Downing Street where he raised a toast with colleagues, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reports blackouts, petrol shortages, and empty shelves could result from a rail strike, if RMT chiefs win support for walkouts this summer.


The Independent reports that Boris Johnson’s premiership has been thrown into even greater peril with the publication of photographs showing him drinking wine with Downing Street staff during England’s second COVID lockdown in 2020.


Johnson is facing fresh allegations that he lied to MPs after photos emerged of him toasting a senior aide at a Downing Street leaving drinks event during a national lockdown. Following the event in November 2020, the Metropolitan Police fined staff for attending, but did not punish Mr. Johnson, reports The Guardian.


The PM is waiting to see MPs’ reactions to the first photos that have emerged of him drinking at a lockdown-busting party at 10 Downing Street, the i reports.


According to Metro, Boris Johnson has once again been accused of lying to parliament following the release of photos of him appearing to raise a toast during a speech at a lockdown party he later claimed never took place.

Financial Times

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, has directed officials to draw up plans for a possible windfall tax on more than £10bn of excess profits for electricity generators, including wind farm operators, on top of a tax on North Sea oil and gas producers.

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