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Front Pages for the 21st of April 2021

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Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror splashes on fans’ outrage over the European Super League. It quotes pundit Gary Neville, who says: “It’s pure greed.”

Daily Express

‘Shameful!’ is the headline in the Daily Express, which focuses on Prince William and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s criticism of the European Super League.

Daily Star

The Daily Star also leads on the European Super League, with the headline: ‘Can we have our football back please, mister?’

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail splashes on Prince William’s criticism of the European Super League plans.Its front page also carries a picture of Prince Charles, which it claims was taken as he “mourns alone for his father...


Carbon dioxide emissions are set to jump by the second largest amount in history this year as the economy tries to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, reports The Guardian.The paper also splashes on the European...

Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph reports that the government is to allow 100ft phone masts to be built inside national parks and at other beauty spots, in a relaxation of current rules.Their front page also focuses on...


Metro splashes on Prince William’s criticism of the proposed new European Super League.

Financial Times

The Financial Times leads on reports that the football teams signed up to the new European Super League will get a welcome bonus of between 200 and 300 million euros.

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