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Front Pages for the 5th of December 2023

Yesterday's Newspaper Round-Up


The Times reveals that obesity’s £100bn annual cost to the UK could derail Rishi Sunak’s employment plans.

Daily Mail

Rishi Sunak urges BBC to reduce expenses, as reported by the Daily Mail, amidst potential governmental interference in next year’s licence fee increase.

Daily Telegraph

Rishi Sunak may halt a proposed 9% BBC licence fee increase, reports The Daily Telegraph.


The Guardian reports that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will pledge not to increase spending if his party wins the next election.

Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror reports on the intense criticism faced by Sir Keir Starmer for lauding ex-Tory PM Margaret Thatcher.

Daily Express

Richard Holden, the new Conservative Party chairman, assures the Daily Express of a Tory victory in the upcoming election.


The i reveals the rising threat to Conservatives from Farage’s Reform UK at the polls.

Daily Star

The Daily Star cautions readers about potential road hazards due to impending snow and ice.


The Metro reports potential threat to the Royal Family’s health records from hackers.

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