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Front Pages for the 20th of April 2024

Yesterday's Newspaper Round-Up


The Times reveals that the Prime Minister is considering revoking doctors’ authority to issue sick notes due to concerns over excessive benefits spending.

Daily Express

The Daily Express reports Rishi Sunak’s plans to abolish the ‘sick note culture’ and reduce the national welfare expenditure.


The Guardian reports a potential renationalisation of Thames Water, adding its £15bn debt to public liabilities.

Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror reports that Tory leaders were allegedly aware of accusations against MP Mark Menzies three months prior.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reports on the charges faced by Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s spouse.

Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph reports on the prime minister’s pledge to halt the UK’s “sick note culture” by preventing GPs from signing people off work.


The i reveals an EU plan allowing under-30 Britons to work or study in Europe for four years.

Daily Star

The Daily Star reports a decline in the popularity of the full English breakfast, with only 20% indulging annually.

Financial Times

The Financial Times reports that the government will not activate crucial health and safety checks for EU imports due to possible major disruptions as post-Brexit border controls commence.


Metro newspaper investigates allegations against Tory MP Mark Menzies.

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