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In other education news, A-level pupils whose marks are downgraded by computers face missing out on university places while exam boards sift through a “flood of appeals”, says the Daily Mail. Exam boards are expected to lower nearly 40% of the grades provided by teachers’ estimates. It comes after this year’s exams were cancelled due to the pandemic.

Daily Mail Front Page 11th of May 2021

The one-metre social distancing rule could be scrapped after the prime minister gave an “upbeat” announcement on the latest relaxing of COVID rules, the Daily Mail reports.It also notes, however, that the PM resisted calls to scrap all lockdown rules sooner than the 21 June date specified in the government’s roadmap.

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Daily Mail Front Page 8th of May 2021

The Daily Mail reflects on “the day Boris blew up Labour”. It writes that the prime minister has defied political gravity with a string of victories – gaining control of a series of councils and reversing the mid-term slump often suffered by governing parties.

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