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The Mail also leads on the reaction from Tory MPs who have backed Mr Johnson, and think the committee’s conduct has been “vindictive”. Its front page also teases the announcement of the Mail’s new mystery columnist from tomorrow. It says they’ll be “required reading in Westminster”. Could it be…

Daily Mail Front Page 20th of July 2024

A global IT meltdown caused significant disruptions by revealing the vulnerabilities of a cashless society, as computers crashed in shops, banks, and hospitals, with train ticket machines, flights, and supermarket payments all being significantly impacted.

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Daily Mail Front Page 18th of July 2024

Labour’s workers’ rights revolution, which includes measures such as extra power for unions, the right to work from home, the scrapping of anti-strike laws, and increased diversity monitoring, has raised concerns amongst ministers that it could lead to job losses and hinder economic growth.

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