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The Financial Times reports the PM is to impose curbs on ads for unhealthy foods. The paper says plans, which may be announced next week, could include a ban on online advertising of junk food, a pre-21:00 watershed on TV adverts and curbs on in-store promotions. Large restaurants may also be required to put calorie labels on menus, says the paper.

Financial Times Front Page 19th of June 2024

Several Conservative leadership aspirants are positioning themselves to succeed Rishi Sunak following anticipated disappointing election results, with both MPs and grassroots supporters being courted and notable figures such as Suella Braverman and James Cleverly emerging as potential contenders.

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Financial Times Front Page 18th of June 2024

French corporate bosses are racing to build contacts with Marine Le Pen’s far-right allies in an effort to rein in her radical economic policies and ensure a productive alliance as she leads the polls ahead of the country’s parliamentary elections.

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