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Gas prices – one of the elements of the UK’s cost of living issues – are the focus of the Financial Times’ main story, which says they swung sharply after Vladimir Putin said Russia was prepared to stabilise soaring global energy costs. It says UK and European gas prices increased ten-fold before suddenly reversing course an hour later as Putin hinted Russia may increase supplies.

Financial Times Front Page 9th of December 2021

The prime minister has revealed “sweeping new coronavirus restrictions” to combat the spread of the Omicron variant after apologising for a video which showed Downing Street advisers joking about Christmas parties during lockdown, the Financial Times reports.

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Financial Times Front Page 7th of December 2021

US regulators are stepping up their scrutiny of so-called blank-cheque company listings, with officials turning their sights to the corporate vehicle being used to take public Donald Trump’s “non-woke” entertainment group, reports the Financial Times.

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