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The Financial Times reports that the UK’s spy agencies have contracted Amazon’s cloud computing arm to host classified material in a deal “aimed at boosting the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence in espionage”. The paper says the deal – estimated to be worth between £500m and £1bn – is “likely to ignite sovereignty concerns” with most of the UK’s top secret data being held by a US tech company.

Financial Times Front Page 9th of December 2021

The prime minister has revealed “sweeping new coronavirus restrictions” to combat the spread of the Omicron variant after apologising for a video which showed Downing Street advisers joking about Christmas parties during lockdown, the Financial Times reports.

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Financial Times Front Page 7th of December 2021

US regulators are stepping up their scrutiny of so-called blank-cheque company listings, with officials turning their sights to the corporate vehicle being used to take public Donald Trump’s “non-woke” entertainment group, reports the Financial Times.

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