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The Guardian’s top story says ministers are facing “mounting anger” over what it calls the “botched handling” of English A-level results. Students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are due to receive their A-level grades on Thursday, following the cancellation of exams due to coronavirus. The paper says “the immense pressure” comes as the Scottish government apologised and promised a review after the exams authority rejected about 124,000 grade recommendations from teachers, leading to students’ results being downgraded when they received them on 4 August.

Guardian Front Page 14th of June 2024

Keir Starmer has vowed to fix Britain’s broken public services by placing wealth creation at the core of his plans, amid questions on how Labour will fund these changes without substantial tax hikes or service cuts.

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Guardian Front Page 13th of June 2024

Rishi Sunak’s closest parliamentary aide placed a £100 bet on an early July general election four days before Sunak made the surprise announcement of the election date, raising concerns about the integrity of the process and the potential misuse of insider information.

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