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The Guardian leads with a warning from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer that the government’s plans for students’ grades risked “robbing a generation of young people of their future” and who called on the prime minister to “change course”. The paper also reports on the end to the active investigation into the killing of Stephen Lawrence, with the teenager’s father, Neville, vowing to overturn the decision, saying it would leave racist killers out on the streets. Also featured on the front page is a photograph of Senator Kamala Harris, who Democrat Joe Biden has named as his vice-presidential running mate. She is the first black woman and Asian American to run on a major party ticket.

Guardian Front Page 11th of May 2021

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has spoken exclusively to The Guardian. After the party was criticised for its showing in the local elections – sparking a frontbench reshuffle, Ms Rayner says the party has “patronised its heartland voters for too long”.

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