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Meanwhile, the Guardian leads with its analysis showing young black workers are three times as likely to be unemployed during the pandemic as their white counterparts. The paper says the black youth unemployment rate was the same in the last quarter of 2020 as in the early 1980s – around the time of the Brixton riots. Experts have warned the pandemic has exposed “deep-rooted inequalities” in the jobs market, the paper adds.

Guardian Front Page 23rd of July 2024

Senior Democrats are increasingly endorsing Vice-President Kamala Harris as she approaches a potential run against Donald Trump in the next presidential election, with high-profile backing from figures such as Nancy Pelosi bolstering her campaign.

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Guardian Front Page 19th of July 2024

Five activists from the Just Stop Oil campaign received record prison sentences for their roles in planning a protest that would have disrupted the M25 motorway, sparking debate over the severity of the punishment for non-violent activism.

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