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Rather than a picture of Mr Trump, it’s Ms Carroll who dominates the Guardian’s front page. She emerged from the court smiling, making her way through a crowd of photographers, reporters and demonstrators. The writer first went public with her allegations in 2019 and there has been much complex litigation since. It took the jury less than three hours to rule in her favour.

Guardian Front Page 16th of July 2024

Donald Trump criticised ongoing legal cases against him as “witch-hunts” despite his recent pledge to unite the nation, addressing these concerns during a rally and in preparation for the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

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Guardian Front Page 15th of July 2024

The United States is reacting after a gunman attempted to assassinate Donald Trump during a political rally in Pennsylvania, resulting in a dramatic increase in security and stirring significant political and social tensions.

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Guardian Front Page 12th of July 2024

Policymakers and campaigners have condemned proposed water bill increases for England and Wales, criticising the water industry for showing “contempt” towards customers through alleged poor service, sewage dumping, and leakage issues.

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