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The Guardian’s main story is that scientists have created synthetic human embryos using stem cells, which it describes as a “groundbreaking advance”. It could have implications on the study of genetic disorders and the causes of recurrent miscarriages, it says. But the paper notes the work is likely to raise ethical and legal issues, as the science has moved faster than the legislation.

Guardian Front Page 15th of July 2024

The United States is reacting after a gunman attempted to assassinate Donald Trump during a political rally in Pennsylvania, resulting in a dramatic increase in security and stirring significant political and social tensions.

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Guardian Front Page 12th of July 2024

Policymakers and campaigners have condemned proposed water bill increases for England and Wales, criticising the water industry for showing “contempt” towards customers through alleged poor service, sewage dumping, and leakage issues.

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Guardian Front Page 11th of July 2024

The government’s proposed release plan for over 20,000 prisoners to address overcrowding in jails has been criticised as inadequate and politically influenced, leading to concerns about public safety and the eligibility of violent offenders.

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