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The i focuses on the dam incident in Ukraine. The paper says floodwaters have wiped out villages and unleashed an ecological disaster, while the impact on people, farming and a nuclear power plant is still unknown. A large satellite picture on the front page shows the scale of the damage as water is seen gushing through the Nova Kakhovka Dam.

i Front Page 19th of July 2024

Employees would be given the right to ignore emails, texts and phone calls from their bosses during evenings and weekends under new rules forming part of a broader package of workplace rights.

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i Front Page 18th of July 2024

Avanti West Coast is at risk of nationalisation under the Labour government due to poor service performance, with potential plans including bringing the rail service into public ownership to improve operations and service delivery.

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i Front Page 16th of July 2024

Keir Starmer and Donald Trump have initiated efforts to create a strong working relationship following a congratulatory call from Trump, despite initial advice against such communication from Starmer’s advisers.

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