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The i says the Conservative Party faces a “mortgage time bomb” amid pressure on the Bank of England’s Monetary Police Committee to raise the base rate by 0.5 percentage points when it meets on Thursday. The paper says its analysis has shown that so-called Blue Wall seats currently held by the Tories in the south of England would “take the biggest hit” from any hike and would likely be targeted by Labour and the Liberal Democrats at the next election.

i Front Page 20th of July 2024

A major global IT crash caused by a faulty software update has severely impacted hospitals, GPs, banks, airlines, and train services, leading to cancellations, delays, and disruption of essential services.

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i Front Page 19th of July 2024

Employees would be given the right to ignore emails, texts and phone calls from their bosses during evenings and weekends under new rules forming part of a broader package of workplace rights.

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