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The i leads with the headline “revenge served hot” in reference to Suella Braverman’s “blistering attack” on the prime minister. It also has a story predicting inflation being set for a “seismic” fall below 5%.

i Front Page 19th of June 2024

The British Government is engaged in confidential discussions concerning financial difficulties at the IT company Atos, raising concerns about potential disruptions to benefits assessments, NHS services, and tax refunds.

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i Front Page 18th of June 2024

Nigel Farage has admitted that it is “impossible” to know if the Reform Party would be able to keep its low-tax pledge, due to the difficulty in accurately predicting the future state of public finances.

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i Front Page 17th of June 2024

Labour has been criticised for allegedly diluting their housing reform pledges, including the removal of specific targets and protections which were part of the original manifesto to support first-time buyers and renters.

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