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Independent Front Page 21st of June 2024

The Conservatives are facing a significant crisis after it was revealed that their campaign director, Tony Lee, has taken a “leave of absence” amidst an investigation into gambling allegations involving election polling dates.

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Independent Front Page 20th of June 2024

Recent polls suggest that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to lose his seat in Richmond, North Yorkshire, potentially making him the first sitting PM to do so, as the Conservative Party faces a historic defeat with a predicted seat count of between 108 and 53, leaving Labour poised for a substantial majority.

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Independent Front Page 15th of June 2024

Rishi Sunak has tried to reassure Conservative Party members following a YouGov poll indicating that Reform UK has surpassed them in support, with Nigel Farage challenging Sunak to a one-on-one debate and warning that a vote for his party could inadvertently benefit Labour by reducing Conservative votes.

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