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While many of Sunday’s front pages look back at the reopening of pubs in England on Saturday, several papers lead on their own exclusives. The Observer says NHS bosses have accused the chancellor of breaking a pledge to give the health service “whatever it takes” by refusing a £10bn cash injection needed to avoid it being crippled by a second wave of coronavirus. The Treasury declined to discuss its ongoing negotiations with NHS leaders, the paper says.

Observer Front Page 9th of June 2024

Labour has announced a plan to establish 80 new rape courts across England and Wales to address the growing backlog of rape cases, proposing specialist units in all police forces as part of its strategy to tackle violence against women.

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Observer Front Page 2nd of June 2024

Rishi Sunak’s election campaign faces significant challenges as accusations of cash-for-votes regarding the allocation of public funds in marginal constituencies have emerged, leading to a widening lead for the Labour party.

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