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The Observer has a more environmental take on the G7 summit that will start in Cornwall on Friday. The paper says climate change progress “could be scuppered by developing nations if they are not given equitable access to vaccines”. It reports that the wealthiest nations have enough supplies to inoculate their populations “more than twice over”.

Observer Front Page 14th of July 2024

Keir Starmer’s Labour government plans to install millions of solar panels on domestic and commercial buildings to address the climate crisis and energy security, with new rules for rooftop installations and approval for large-scale solar farms.

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Observer Front Page 30th of June 2024

Keir Starmer is promising to lead the Labour Party on a “national mission” to restore public services and optimism in the UK if elected, emphasising a commitment to integrity, public service, and repairing the nation’s institutions.

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Observer Front Page 23rd of June 2024

A Labour government under Keir Starmer will fail to maximise the UK’s economic growth unless it takes the country back into the European Union’s single market and customs union, leading economists and diplomats warn today.

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