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The main story in the Sunday Times focuses on the origins of the pandemic, reporting that British spies now believe it is “feasible” the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, rather than being transmitted to humans from a natural source. Previously the paper says Western intelligence agencies judged the possibility of a lab leak as “remote”, while China has angrily rejected the theory.

Sunday Times Front Page 25th of July 2021

The Sunday Times says private schools have been accused of using COVID A-level disruption to “play the system” by lobbying top universities to take pupils who would not usually qualify for a place, even before exam results are published in a fortnight.

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Sunday Times Front Page 18th of July 2021

The Sunday Times says Monday’s unlocking in England is bringing “mayhem” – especially for the government, with the PM having to deal with the fall-out from Sajid Javid’s positive test and the possibility other cabinet members may have to isolate.

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