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The front page of the Sunday Times also focuses on the concrete issue, tying it to its own campaign for the phased removal of asbestos from schools and hospitals. It reports “scores of public buildings caught up in the crumbing concrete crisis are also likely to be riddled with deadly asbestos”. The paper has some other interesting stories on its front page, one of which looks at actions by former defence secretary Ben Wallace, who is accused of “causing a diplomatic incident with the US” after threatening to cancel an order of US-made helicopters.

Sunday Times Front Page 23rd of June 2024

A senior Conservative Party official is being investigated by the Gambling Commission for allegedly placing dozens of bets on the timing of the election date, which has prompted comparisons to the “partygate” scandal and speculation of additional wrongdoing within the party.

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Sunday Times Front Page 16th of June 2024

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has disclosed that his faith in Hindu dharma reinforces his sense of duty, guiding him in his campaign as he takes ‘ultimate responsibility’ for the upcoming general elections, while a new poll indicates Labour could secure a 262-seat majority.

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