Newspaper Round Up: 10th of July 2021

Guardian Front Page 10th of July 2021

The Guardian reports that pressure is mounting on police to overhaul the way in which they investigate crimes by their own officers after it emerged that the serving constable who murdered Sarah Everard had been accused of indecent exposure three times before her death.

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Daily Mirror Front Page 10th of July 2021

The Daily Mirror leads with Gareth Southgate’s call for England ahead of the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, in which he said the country has so much to be proud of, including its history, decency, strength and courage in adversity.

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i Front Page 10th of July 2021

i weekend writes that history calls for a young England team to win its first European Champion trophy in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final, adding that the nation salutes its players who have won over the public with skill, bravery and humility.

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