Newspaper Round Up: 11th of October 2020

Sunday Times
The Sunday Times reports that mayors "will be given more control" over test and trace as ministers "try to secure their support" for local restrictions - an admission, it says, that "the national system is failing". It says planning of the three-tier lockdown system was in "disarray" on Saturday night and that plans dubbed "cash for crackdowns" will see the prime minister's team give funds to areas that pledge to "put in place proper measures".
Sunday Express
The Sunday Express says the prime minister is facing a "lockdown revolt" from leaders in the North, who it reports have "threatened to take the government to court" over "furlough payouts". It also runs a piece by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on why "Brexit Britain needs Trump", next to a picture of the US president smiling as he removes a face covering.
Sunday Mail
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been "accused of joining MPs in flouting [the] 10pm curfew", according to the Mail on Sunday. The paper reports he was "drinking in a Commons bar beyond 10pm" and made a "crass joke about the government's test and trace failings". A spokesman for the health secretary said: "No rules have been broken".
Sunday Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph says millions will be asked not to travel outside of their local areas and "could be banned from mixing with other households" even outdoors as part of a three-tier local lockdown system. It comes as hospitals in the North West "could become overwhelmed within days". The paper's cartoonist, Matt, jokes: "economic data is ranked in three tiers: appalling, ghastly and apocalyptic".
Sunday Mirror
The Sunday Mirror claims that leading Tory politicians are "accused of dodging lockdowns in their own backyards". The paper claims some ministers are "doing nothing about soaring Covid-19 cases in their own constituencies", while tighter restrictions are introduced elsewhere.
The threat of legal action also makes the front page of the Observer, which says mayors "went into open revolt" over the financial support being offered to workers under local lockdowns. Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham tells the paper that the government paying for two-thirds of wages is "grossly unfair" and amounts to "punishing people" in the North - especially those who were persuaded to vote Tory in the last election.