Newspaper Round Up: 12th of November 2020

Daily Express
And the Daily Express leads on Home Secretary Priti Patel saying new laws ending free movement have given the UK the "power to set its own destiny". The paper says that for the first time in a generation, from 31 December at 23:00 GMT, "the country will have control over its borders".
Daily Star
In other coronavirus news, the Daily Star claims "boffins" have warned that "we must keep our dogs 6ft apart and our cats indoors" to halt the spread of Covid-19.
The Times also focuses on the resignation of Lee Cain, saying it could signal the end of "the Vote Leave faction" in Downing Street. The paper reports that the PM's chief adviser, Dominic Cummings - who employed Mr Cain at Vote Leave during the EU referendum - "was said to be very unhappy" about the departure and was also considering his position.
Daily Mail
"For pity's sake, just let them hold hands" is the rallying cry in the Daily Mail, which is calling on ministers to allow care home residents to reunite with their loved ones in time for Christmas. The paper features a photo of a woman kneeling in the street to see her husband's face, describing it as a "heartbreaking picture of Britain's chaotic care home visiting rules".
Daily Telegraph
One of Boris Johnson's most senior advisers resigned after losing "a highly public power struggle" with the prime minister's fiancee, Carrie Symonds, reports the Daily Telegraph. It says Lee Cain quit his role as director of communications after Ms Symonds "effectively vetoed his promotion" to the role of Downing Street chief of staff. The paper quotes allies of Ms Symonds as saying she was "uncomfortable" with the appointment.
Daily Mirror
The new coronavirus vaccine continues to dominate the front pages. "Vaccine safe enough for my mum" is the headline in the Daily Mirror, which says Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, England's deputy chief medical officer, is "so sure about the Covid jab he is encouraging his mum to take it" as soon as it is cleared for public use.
The Guardian has a different take, saying that government scientists have admitted that millions of British people could potentially be given "a less effective vaccine than the highly promising frontrunner if it helps to save lives". The paper quotes Prof Jonathan Van-Tam as saying that if different vaccines became available, the country could not let "the perfect become the enemy of the good".
"Save Covid vaccines for the NHS" is the headline in the i newspaper, which carries a warning from Prof Van-Tam that distribution of a vaccine should be based on those who need jabs "to stop wealthy jumping the queue".
Financial Times
The Financial Times leads on the review of capital gains tax, commissioned by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, which it says has recommended "slashing the annual allowance". The paper says the move "could raise billions of pounds" as the chancellor looks to fill the "fiscal hole" left by the coronavirus crisis.
The same story features on the front of the Metro, which says the vaccine has passed the "mum test" for Prof Van-Tam, who wants his 78-year-old mum to make sure she is ready to have the injection. He also says he would be "at the very front of the queue" for a jab if he could - but that it would go to the most vulnerable first.