Newspaper Round Up: 15th of July 2020

Daily Express
Vernon Kaye and his "£250k jungle pay day" also features on the Daily Express front, but the paper leads on a call for a £45,000 cap on care costs from former No 10 adviser Sir Andrew Dilnot. He described the current system as a "stain on our nation".
The i says a "China crisis looms" after the UK pulls the plug on Huawei, warning that diplomatic relations with Beijing have plunged over the PM's U-turn.
The Times front page warns of a "threat of homes tax to pay" for the coronavirus pandemic. The story says Chancellor Rishi Sunak has ordered a review into capital gains tax which could lead to "the Treasury clawing back billions from homeowners and investors". The Office of Budget Responsibility says £160bn in higher taxes or austerity will be needed to make up the deficit caused by the outbreak, the paper reports.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail leads on Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of grooming girls for her former partner Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, to abuse. The paper speaks of "Ghislaine's tears" as she is told "you must stay in jail" ahead of her trial. Ms Maxwell, who pleaded not guilty, will go on trial in July 2021.
The U-turn on Huawei puts the rollout of 5G at risk, according to the Guardian. The paper says small towns and rural areas will be hardest hit by delays of up to three years. It also carries a story on Covid-19 outbreaks being 20 times more likely at large care homes. There is also a court sketch of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell who has been denied bail by a US judge.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror also focuses on face masks, saying they will be worn in shops until next year. Its lead story says the rules will remain in place until a vaccine is found. A picture of Vernon Kaye also makes it on to the front as the paper says he has signed up for the next series of ITV reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
Daily Star
The Daily Star carries a story about aliens. There is also a picture of ITV's lead football commentator Clive Tyldesley, who is being replaced, under the headline "They think it's all over..." reflecting the famous commentary of England's 1966 World Cup success.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph says face masks will soon be recommended in offices as measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic expand. The paper says ministers are considering advising people to wear face coverings in all public spaces, having made them compulsory in shops. It carries a picture of cabinet ministers Liz Truss and Michael Gove leaving a shop, the former masked and the latter not.
"We'll go our own Huawei", is the Metro's headline, channelling Fleetwood Mac as it reports on the prime minister's U-turn on allowing the Chinese company to be part of the UK's 5G network. Tory backbenchers have criticised the initial decision to allow the technology firm's involvement in 5G infrastructure.
Financial Times
The Huawei story leads the Financial Times as well, with the paper focusing on the UK government's decision creating "fury in Beijing". The paper says the delay will cost £2bn but has also been criticised by Conservative MPs as firms will have until 2027 to strip the Chinese company's technology out of their systems.