Newspaper Round Up: 16th of February 2022

Times Front Page 16th of February 2022

US President Joe Biden has said he doubts Russian claims that it is withdrawing some troops from the Ukraine border, The Times reports.He has also warned President Putin that America will “rally the world” to punish Russia if it invades its neighbour.

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Daily Mail Front Page 16th of February 2022

The Mail says the sex case settlement is Prince Andrew’s “final humiliation”. His accuser claimed she had been forced to have sex with him three times when she was 17, the paper adds.The settlement comes only a few weeks after Andrew said he wanted a jury trial. 

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Metro Front Page 16th of February 2022

Prince Andrew’s settlement with his accuser in the sex abuse case is rumoured to be worth over £10m, Metro reports. Other papers have put it at around £12m, but the confidential nature of the deal means the exact sum many never be known.

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