Newspaper Round Up: 16th of October 2020

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail describes the situation as "an epidemic of madness" - with more than half of England now under extra restrictions. Along with several other papers, it also has a picture of the Queen carrying out her first public engagement outside of a royal residence in seven months - with the Mail noting she did not wear a mask when visiting Porton Down, although other safety measures were in place.
Daily Express
The Daily Express leads with warnings of a "ticking time bomb" for the NHS, as an estimated 26 million fewer GP visits took place since the start of the pandemic. The paper says many people are scared of catching coronavirus at surgeries, while the majority of patients have had virtual or phone consultations rather than a face-to-face appointment.
The Times leads with an investigation into what it describes as a "Russian disinformation campaign designed to undermine and spread fear about the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine". The paper says pictures, memes and video clips depict the British-made vaccine as dangerous, with some suggesting it could turn people into monkeys because it uses a chimpanzee virus as a vector. The Times says it is not clear if the propaganda was directly authorised by the Kremlin but it says there is evidence some Russian officials were involved - and middlemen are now seeking to "seed" the images on social media networks around the world.
The Guardian says Downing Street's key policy for tackling the virus has "descended into chaos" after mayors and MPs in north-west England rejected being moved into the top tier. While ministers could unilaterally impose a lockdown, that paper says they believe the cooperation of local leaders is crucial to communicate and enforce the restrictions.
Daily Telegraph
Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports that the prime minister is being "pushed" towards a national lockdown, with pressure coming from Labour, scientists and the NHS. Government scientific advisers believe the tier system will "ultimately fail" and a fuller lockdown will be needed, possibly every school holiday until the virus is under control , according to the paper.
Daily Star
"The North gives Bozo a custard pie in the mush" is the Daily Star's take, which depicts the prime minister as a clown on its front page. The paper also reports that Remembrance Day will be "shut to the public" for the first time in 100 years.
Many of the papers focus on the tensions between central government and local leaders, as Greater Manchester avoided being placed under the top tier of coronavirus restrictions. The i says Tory MPs in the north of England have backed Greater Manchester's Labour Mayor Andy Burnham in his "revolt" against the prime minister. Meanwhile, London, Essex, York, North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Erewash, Elmbridge, and Barrow in Furness, have been placed under the second-highest level of restrictions.
Daily Mirror
"We WILL remember" is the Mirror's reaction to the news - it calls on its readers to stand on their doorsteps at 11:00 to mark Remembrance Sunday in the absence of public events. The paper also leads with what it describes as the "northern revolt", quoting Mr Burnham as saying people "are fed up of being treated in this way".
"No 10's night mayor" is the headline for the Metro, which says Boris Johnson has been accused by Mr Burnham of using northerners as "sacrificial lambs". The mayor also attacked the level of financial support being offered to workers affected by the restrictions, saying it will "ruin thousands of people's lives".
Financial Times
Away from the pandemic, the Financial Times leads with the latest news from the Brexit negotiations. The paper reports that the prime minister is expected to try to "force Brussels' hand" by ramping up talks of a "no-deal" exit.