Newspaper Round Up: 17th of July 2020

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail focuses on the prime minister and his experts giving conflicting coronavirus advice. It says the PM will tell the nation to go back to work, while chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance says to stay at home and chief medical officer Chris Whitty says he is "uneasy". The headline describes Boris Johnson as "at war with his experts".
The Times front page leads on an investigation into a phone company which it claims "fixed" sports stars' phone records. Among those alleged to have used its services are footballer Rio Ferdinand and Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley. The story claims Sport Mobile boss John Shepherd said the firm had provided records used as evidence in cases. But Mr Ferdinand and Mr Ashley categorically deny the "boasts", while the paper says it is understood Mr Shepherd denies making the allegations.
Daily Star
"The Dukes of Biohazard" is the Daily Star's lighter take on the Russia hacking story. President Putin is mocked up with a cowboy hat to look like one of the characters from the 80s show the Dukes of Hazzard.
Daily Express
The Daily Express has a warning from a cyber security expert who says that "Kremlin-backed hackers will keep coming". It also refers to the Begum case, calling her a "Jihadi bride".
Daily Telegraph
Warnings from security services that Russian hackers have been targeting Covid-19 vaccine trials dominate the front pages. The Daily Telegraph says that the allegations, which the Kremlin denies, came after Russia announced it was preparing to produce 200 million doses of an experimental vaccine, "fuelling suspicions that it could have been successful in stealing information" from one of the laboratories across the world trying to find a coronavirus cure.
"Russia tried to steal virus research and interfere in election, says UK", is the headline in the Guardian, which also focuses on allegations of meddling in the 2019 General Election. The front page image is of Shamima Begum with a Union flag design in the background, following the Court of Appeal ruling on her citizenship case.
Daily Mirror
"Coronavirus war" is the Daily Mirror's take on the story as it says "Russians trying to steal vaccine secrets". The paper also features a picture of Jools Oliver, wife of chef Jamie, and their children as she opens up about her "agony in fight for baby No 6".
The i also leads on the Russia story, quoting Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as saying the hacking attempts are "reckless". There is a picture of Shamima Begum, who left Britain to join Islamic State in 2015, with the headline "Begum can come back to UK" following a court ruling. It say the Home Office is preparing to fight the judgement by the Court of Appeal.
The Metro says "Russia spies try to steal our vaccine", while carrying a picture of Vladimir Putin. It quotes No 10 as saying "the cyber attack by sinister Cozy Bear hackers" is "despicable".
Financial Times
The Financial Times says Russian spies are "trying to loot vaccine research". It reports that the Kremlin has denied the allegations. There is also room for a striking new image of the Sun which shows "campfires" on its surface. The picture, which was taken by the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter, is the closest ever taken of our Sun.