Newspaper Round Up: 17th of November 2020

Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror also says families have been given hope after a government promise of rapid coronavirus tests for care home visitors. But, the newspaper says, care home bosses fear visits will not happen without extra funding. It quotes the National Care Forum as saying it is "dangerous" to "raise expectations without policies in place".
The Times says a £125m deal that secures enough doses of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine to inoculate 2.5 million people in the UK has been finalised. But it reports that large-scale production of the vaccine is not expected in Europe until April, with supplies beyond the initial five million doses unlikely until the second half of the year. Meanwhile, the Times also reports Boris Johnson is considering a temporary cut to Britain's aid spending to help pay for the coronavirus crisis.
Daily Star
The Daily Star reports the UK will have to wait until the spring for the vaccine, because of a "pre-order shambles".
Daily Mail
"You can hold granny's hand at Christmas," is the headline on the front page of the Daily Mail, which says Matt Hancock has vowed to extend Covid testing to care home visitors nationwide "within weeks". It says under the testing drive loved ones will be free to hold hands and hug - something many care home residents have been unable to do since March.
Daily Express
The Daily Express says a 78-year-old former nurse has been evicted from her care home because her daughter made an "unauthorised window visit".
The Guardian also reports that the UK has ordered five million doses of the vaccine, describing it as a "scramble" after the news that the drug was almost 95% effective. Elsewhere, the newspaper says a union for civil servants has voiced concerns over coronavirus safety in government, after Boris Johnson and six Conservative MPs, who were photographed standing near each other in Downing Street, went into self-isolation.
Daily Telegraph
"Lockdown looms over Christmas," says The Daily Telegraph, which reports England "could remain shut beyond 2 December". The newspaper says Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted that it was "too early to know" if the current restrictions have been effective. A senior health chief also warned a "strengthen" tier system would be needed to replace the measures even if they ended on schedule, it adds.
Many of Tuesday's front pages lead with the news of a coronavirus vaccine that is 94.5% effective. The Moderna vaccine is set to save millions of lives around the world within weeks, says the Metro. But, the newspaper says, as the UK only put its first order in with the US drug firm on Monday, Britain will have to wait until next year. It quotes Health Secretary Matt Hancock as saying the vaccine is "another encouraging step forward".
Financial Times
The Financial Times says the fight against Covid-19 has been "given a boost" following the news of the vaccine. Meanwhile, the newspaper reports post-Brexit trade talks have "entered the endgame" in Brussels this week. Officials in London and Brussels expect talks to succeed or break down next week, it says.