Newspaper Round Up: 18th of October 2020

Daily Star Sunday
And the stars of Mrs Brown's Boys fear the show is "on the verge" of being taken off the air, according to the Daily Star Sunday's front page. Ratings have reportedly slumped and cast members are worried the show could be axed.
Sunday Mirror
The Queen has pardoned a jailed killer who helped foil the London Bridge terror attack last year, the Sunday Mirror reports. The paper says that Steven Gallant, who was on day release and intervened when terrorist Usman Khan began attacking people, will be let out early.
Sunday Mail
The Mail on Sunday reports that an official inquiry has confirmed that MPs were drinking in a Commons bar beyond the nationwide 10pm curfew. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has reportedly refused to answer 30 times whether he was among the group flouting the rules.
Sunday Express
There are fears that circuit-breakers - a short, limited lockdown - "would not end", the Sunday Express reports. The paper quotes a Whitehall source who said the proposal will cause great damage to the economy by triggering indefinite lockdowns.
Sunday Telegraph
Meanwhile, former prime minister Tony Blair has been accused of breaching quarantine rules after being pictured at a restaurant in London reportedly 10 days after visiting Washington DC. The Sunday Telegraph says he has been accused of failing to self-isolate for the full two-week period that is required after travelling to the US for a two-day trip on a private jet. A spokeswoman for Mr Blair said Whitehall officials had told him to follow guidance for international conferences "which he did", adding the former PM had been tested, before during and after the trip.
A million young people between the ages of 16 and 24 will face a jobs crisis within weeks, according to the lead story on the front page of The Observer. This "Covid generation" will struggle to find work when the furlough scheme ends this month, according to analysis from labour-market experts. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is facing increasing pressure to provide additional support for young people. And a picture of Jacinda Ardern dominates the front page following her party's landslide victory in New Zealand's election.