Newspaper Round Up: 1st of August 2020

Daily Express
The Daily Express also leads with the PM's announcement, calling Mr Johnson's news "tough love" as he suggested he could deploy the "nuclear" measure of a full national lockdown if people do not obey the rules.
The Guardian reports newly released court documents claim convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein allegedly tried to gather incriminating material against Prince Andrew by forcing an underage girl to have sex with the royal. A friend of the Duke of York has said "allegations are not the same as facts" and the claims should be treated with "extreme caution".
Daily Mail
Carrying an even starker warning, the Daily Mail leads with: "Get set to lose more freedom." Describing the Downing Street press conference as "gloomy", the paper notes that the announcement came hours before a swathe of businesses were due to reopen.
Mr Johnson has "readied" the country for an autumn without seeing friends or family, the Times reports, as England's chief medical officer Chris Whitty said on Friday the country had "reached the limits" of reopening. The PM has warned of "trade offs" ahead, the paper adds, with the return of school pupils a priority, while freedoms in other areas are "conditional".
Daily Telegraph
The PM said it was right to heed the "warning light on the dashboard" amid concerns of a second wave, the Daily Telegraph notes. Wedding receptions of up to 30 people and the reopening of casinos, bowling alleys and skating rinks would not be allowed for at least two weeks, the paper adds.
Daily Mirror
"Lockdown meltdown," is the headline on the front page of the Daily Mirror, as the short notice given to hospitality outlets was labelled "shambolic" by acting Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey.
Dominating the i weekend's front page is a picture of crowds packed onto a beach as temperatures soared on Friday. But its headline is a stark warning: "Not so fast: UK infections rising again." The paper is one of several to lead with Boris Johnson putting the brakes on the easing of lockdown restrictions in England for at least two weeks following a spike in coronavirus cases. The paper adds that more police will enforce the wearing of masks as employees are encouraged to return to work.