Newspaper Round Up: 1st of July 2020

Daily Express
The Daily Express reports that the NHS has secured a deal with a US firm for a "wonder drug" for cystic fibrosis, which will save thousands of lives. Health Secretary Matt Hancock was in tears as he told the paper that Kaftrio will be available on the NHS, it reports.
Daily Star
"Bog roll bandits are back", is the front page for the Daily Star. The paper says hoarding loo roll is "back on the agenda" in Leicester as it becomes the first city to enter a local lockdown.
The Times leads on comments from the Bank of England's chief economist, who says the UK is on track for a V-shaped recovery as the economy rebounds from the lockdown far faster than expected. Andy Haldane said the country was already two months into the recovery and the depth of the coronavirus recession was likely to be less than half as bad as the Bank had feared in May, the paper reports.
Daily Mirror
However, unions are warning the £5bn plan is not enough to prevent a mass job losses, according to the Daily Mirror. It comes as EasyJet and Airbus announced thousands of the job cuts, the paper reports.
The Guardian leads with a warning from scientists and public health directors that more local lockdowns could be on the way, after restrictions were tightened again in Leicester following a rise in coronavirus cases. Bars and restaurants in the rest of England are preparing to reopen on Saturday - but parts of Kent, London, north Wales and Scotland are still dealing with significant Covid-19 outbreaks, according to the paper.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail focuses on the criminal inquiry which has been launched into what it described as "Britain's biggest maternity scandal". Detectives will investigate failings at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, where dozens of babies died or suffered brain damage, the paper reports.
The i leads on Boris Johnson's plans for the UK's economic recovery, describing his proposals as the "biggest change to planning laws" since World War Two. Under the plans, vacant shops can be converted into houses without needing planning permission and reforms will make brownfield development easier, the paper reports.
Financial Times
A sweeping national security law passed by China for Hong Kong has drawn condemnation from the US and Europe, the Financial Times reports. The new legislation will tighten Beijing's grip on the territory, which is meant to have a high level of self-autonomy under the conditions of its handover from British rule back to China in 1997, the paper says.
Meanwhile, the Metro reports that the mayor of Leicester is facing calls to resign after breaking lockdown in April and May when he spent several nights at his girlfriend's home. Sir Peter Soulsby, who was spoken to by police about the visits, has previously apologised for what he described as "an error of judgement".