Newspaper Round Up: 1st of November 2020

Sunday Times
The Sunday Times says that fears of a "medical disaster" forced Mr Johnson into the new lockdown. The press conference announcing the 27-day shutdown came as cases in the UK hit one million. Meanwhile, the paper says that leaders in northern England have reacted "furiously" to the extension of the furlough scheme after they were told several days ago that tier three areas would get two thirds of their wages covered - rather than the more generous 80%.
Sunday Mirror
"Shockdown" is how the Sunday Mirror describes the prime minister's announcement to the nation, citing comments by critics who say the government has been slow to act. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the public will pay the price of the PM's failures, and experts have said his lockdown delay will cost lives, the paper reports.
Sunday Express
Finally, the Sunday Express bids: "Goodbye Mr Bond." The paper carries several pages of tributes to the "Hollywood giant". And the paper describes the second national lockdown in England as a bid to "avoid disaster", focusing on the PM's attempt to "save" the NHS and Christmas.
Daily Star Sunday
The Daily Star Sunday labels the announcement - delivered on Halloween - "Bozo's Covid horror show". The paper carries an image of the PM wearing a clown suit - complete with mask and red nose. Meanwhile, the main story on the front page is of Sir Sean Connery's death at the age of 90. "Film legend who was greatest James Bond of all time" the paper says, with a photo of Sir Sean in the iconic 007 role. Many of Sunday's papers feature the actor's death.
Sunday Mail
Lockdown 2.0 has sparked a "civil war" within the Tory party, the Mail on Sunday reports. Cabinet ministers and Conservative MPs are angry at being kept in the dark and have warned the fresh restrictions will devastate the economy. There is also "fury" that MPs only learned about the measures through the newspapers - with several of Saturday's editions leading on the reports. The paper describes the press conference hosted by the PM on Saturday as "hastily arranged".
Sunday Telegraph
The PM has introduced the national lockdown after being told the NHS was on track to become overwhelmed by coronavirus within five weeks, the Sunday Telegraph adds. Once again, people across England are being asked to "stay at home", with non-essential shops, entertainment venues, gyms, pubs, bars and restaurants closing. Takeaway services will still be allowed to continue, and schools, colleges and universities will remain open. Scientific modelling suggested that NHS beds would be full by 4 December, the paper says, with Mr Johnson saying doctors and nurses could be forced to choose which patients to treat.
Several of Sunday's papers lead on Boris Johnson's announcement that a new month-long lockdown will be introduced across England. The Observer describes the PM's "extraordinary U-turn", highlighting accusations that government indecision and delay will cost lives and jobs. The new measures are due to come into effect on Thursday and remain in place until 2 December. Across the Atlantic, the US presidential campaign heads into a "frenzied finish" as election day nears. Donald Trump has begun a schedule of 14 rallies in three days as the country continues to grapple with the pandemic, with more than 99,000 cases being recorded on Friday - its biggest single-day total.