Newspaper Round Up: 1st of October 2020

Downing Street is giving "serious consideration" to a proposal to use "disused ferries moored off the coast" to process migrants seeking asylum, the Times reports. It says the prime minister wants to deter migrants from making the dangerous crossing from France and is working on proposals to "prevent abuse of the system and criminality".
Daily Express
Daily Express readers are shown a picture of crowds mingling outdoors and told: "Wake up! We're going in [the] wrong direction". "Boris Johnson is urging us all to 'stick together' to halt a second Covid wave and avoid another national lockdown," the paper says.
Daily Star
Panic buying is back on the agenda - and the proof is in the pudding for the Daily Star. It says stockpilers are "nabbing all the Christmas grub". A Christmas pudding surrounded by cartoon holly leaves and baubles drives the point home.
Daily Mail
The "gloomy" Mr Johnson is pitted against the "upbeat" Bank of England's chief economist on the front page of the Daily Mail. Andy Haldane said public concern over the pandemic and the economy was "exaggerated", according to the paper, and that the economy had "clawed back" almost 90% of its losses but "excess caution" is putting that rebound at risk.
The Guardian highlights a different option in its top line on the same story: a proposal to send those seeking asylum to "Moldova, Morocco or Papua New Guinea". It says Downing Street is the "driving force behind proposals to hold refugees in offshore detention centres", and that documents it has seen suggest Foreign Office officials have been "pushing back".
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph runs the same picture, reporting that Mr Johnson delivered a "riposte to his critics" when he said "there is only one way of doing this". The paper notes that his comments came after Chancellor Rishi Sunak said it was time to live "without fear". It says the prime minister's insistence on introducing targeted lockdowns puts him is "at odds with his scientific advisers".
The i newspaper says ministers "admit [the] current restrictions are confusing" and reports that No 10 is considering a plan to simplify them with a "three-tier system". Couples are pictured holding hands on the pier in Llandudno in North Wales, where a local lockdown will come into force on Thursday evening.
Financial Times
The Boris Johnson gracing the front of Thursday's Financial Times is a far cry from the statesman pictured scratching his head on many of Wednesday's front pages. The prime minister said during a coronavirus briefing that he would defy those who wanted to "let the virus take it course", it reports. The paper says Tory MPs are "increasingly worried" about the economic consequences of restrictions and "wary about the influence of scientists" in No 10.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror pictures the prime minister's father, Stanley Johnson, inside a shop in London without a face covering. "Stanley, in a high-risk group at 80, said he was 'maybe not 100% up to speed'," the paper reports.
"Keep calm, curfew on," the Metro tells its readers. The paper leads with the prime minister's "appeal for calm" during his press briefing on Wednesday, while he warned that tougher restrictions could be introduced if rules are not followed. It pictures House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who "admonished" Mr Johnson for "introducing laws without giving MPs a chance to scrutinise them".