Newspaper Round Up: 20th of October 2020

Daily Mirror
"9 million on the edge" is the headline on the Daily Mirror front page - suggesting that is the number of people in England who could have the highest level of restrictions being imposed this week. The paper says "huge swathes" of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and north-east England could move to tier three.
Daily Star
And the Daily Star front page features an image of BBC Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker in a shop without wearing a face covering, despite his criticism on Twitter of people who refuse to use masks. Mr Lineker has apologised, saying he forgot "in my old age" and felt "awful and embarrassed".
Daily Express
"Act now to save hidden victims of virus" is the rallying cry on the front of the Daily Express, reporting on the same figures. The paper says charities, doctors and grieving parents are demanding action after thousands died at home instead of seeking help.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail reports on a warning from the Duke of Cambridge that lockdowns preventing people from socialising could cause a "mental health catastrophe". The paper, which says lockdown had a "shocking deadly impact", describes Prince William's words at a "major intervention" by the future king.
Allegations by the Foreign Office of a Russian plot to disrupt the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is the lead story in the Times. The paper says the UK claims it foiled the attack, intended as revenge for doping suspensions of the Russian Olympic team, although the games were eventually postponed by the pandemic.
The decision in Wales to order a short "firebreak" lockdown from Friday leads the Guardian, which says England is now "going it alone" as the only part of the UK not to introduce temporary nationwide restrictions in an attempt to push the infection rate down.
Daily Telegraph
An alternative to "costly lockdown" proposed by Greater Manchester MPs and city leaders is the focus of the Daily Telegraph's lead story. The paper says the local leaders want to see shielding reintroduced for elderly and vulnerable people instead, but it adds that the prime minister is expected to announce the tier three restrictions with or without their agreement.
The i newspaper says the UK is heading for a national lockdown by the "back door", as 22 million people in total could be living under additional restrictions, following the "firebreak" in Wales and the possible expansion of tier three.
Financial Times
Eurozone countries are heading for a trillion euro deficit as a result of measures to control the pandemic, the Financial Times reports. "First you worry about fighting the war, then you figure out how to pay for it," the paper quotes a World Bank economist saying.
The number of people dying at home from non-Covid illnesses "rocketed" during lockdown, Metro reports. It says figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest an extra 26,000 people died from illnesses such as diabetes, cancers and dementia because of the impact of isolation and the suspension of some health and social services.