Newspaper Round Up: 22nd of September 2020

Daily Express
The Daily Express leads with Boris Johnson announcing new coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday, adding that chief medical officers upgraded the COVID-19 alert level from three to four.
Daily Star
Panic-buyers were told to get a grip after they stripped supermarket shelves over fears of a new coronavirus lockdown, the Daily Star writes. 
Financial Times
Boris Johnson is under pressure from Chancellor Rishi Sunak and some Tory MPs to hold back from draconian new lockdown measures to prevent too much damage to the economy, the Financial Times writes.
Daily Mirror
Along with announcing new coronavirus restrictions including a 10pm curfew on pubs, experts believe Boris Johnson will likely ban households from mixing, both indoors and out, the Daily Mirror writes.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson will announce national coronavirus restrictions including early pub closing and a return to working from home as he starts to reverse the freedoms of recent months. 
Daily Mail
Boris Johnson will unveil a major crackdown on normal life on Tuesday in a bid to halt a second wave of coronavirus, the Daily Mail reports. 
Pubs, bars and restaurants in England must shut by 10pm under new nationwide restrictions that stop short of harsher measures, to halt an "exponential" rise in coronavirus cases, The Guardian writes.
The i reports that the epidemic is doubling every seven days and the UK could face 50,000 cases a day next month without a swift response. 
Metro reports that a Conservative MP has been caught taking a 60-mile train journey without wearing a mask – less than two weeks after telling his constituents they "must" wear face coverings on public transport.