Newspaper Round Up: 23rd of October 2020

Daily Mail
Ordering people to stay at home has little impact on the spread of the virus, according to the Daily Mail's report on a study in the Lancet medical journal. Along with banning gatherings over ten people, the measure is flawed because people do not comply, the paper says - adding that banning public events was seen as the most effective measure.
Daily Express
Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak look at each other from opposite sides of the Daily Express front page, with the headline: "Together we will protect Britain". The paper says the prime minister and chancellor showed a "united front" as they set out a blueprint for saving lives and protecting the economy in winter.
Daily Star
And the Daily Star also focuses on the free school meals vote, contrasting the rejection of help for hungry children with the "subsidised menu" on offer at the House of Commons canteen. "Let them eat steak!" the paper says, reproducing a menu that also includes tagliatelle with flaked salmon and a smoked haddock kedgeree with a poached hen's egg.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror responds to Tory MPs who voted against a proposal to extend free school meals into the holidays with an image of Marcus Rashford - the footballer who has campaigned on the issue - and his mother, helping out at a food bank. "This is what compassion looks like," says the paper's headline.
Rishi Sunak was "forced to dig deeper" in the words of the Guardian's headline, which focuses on the anger of places that had been hit by additional coronavirus restrictions without support. The paper quotes Labour saying the chancellor could have "done a lot more by acting sooner".
Financial Times
The hospitality sector has been buoyed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak's pledge of additional support for businesses to prevent a rise in unemployment, the Financial Times reports. The paper quotes the industry body UK Hospitality saying the "hugely generous package" - worth £11bn, by the FT's reckoning - had arrived just in time to save jobs.
Daily Telegraph
"£13bn to keep businesses alive" is the banner headline on the Daily Telegraph, giving an alternative assessment of the cost of the extra support over an image of the prime minister looking stony-faced. The paper quotes Mr Johnson saying the financial package will help the country avoid a second national lockdown.
The Times focuses on the aid given to businesses during the pandemic's first wave, reporting on concerns from tax officials that up to £2bn of the money for the furlough scheme was siphoned off by organised criminals. The paper says between 5% and 10% of the £39bn budget is likely to have been claimed fraudulently.
The i newspaper suggests that NHS Test and Trace has been overwhelmed by the number of cases, reporting the assessment of Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance that the real infection rate is between 53,000 and 90,000 cases a day. Only 60% of Covid contacts are being reached, the paper says.
"Test and trace down the pan" is the headline on the Metro front page, which says Prime Minister Boris Johnson "finally" admitted the testing and contact tracing system must improve as its performance reached a new low. Just one in seven people is receiving test results in 24 hours, the target set by Mr Johnson for 100% of results by the end of June.