Newspaper Round Up: 24th of September 2020

Daily Express
The Daily Express leads with Rishi Sunak's rescue package to support millions of jobs through the winter coronavirus crisis this winter which he will unveil on Thursday. 
Daily Star
The Daily Star reports that a dozy driver had the "sort of luck PM Boris Johnson has endured lately" when a rising river submerged their car during high tide.
The Times leads with Rishi Sunak announcing a new multibillion-pound package of support for the economy on Thursday in an attempt to avoid mass redundancies in winter, with the new measures set to include wage subsidies for part-time workers. 
Daily Mail
Business chiefs and hospitality groups issued a string of dire warnings over the impact of Boris Johnson's new six-month coronavirus restrictions, saying millions of jobs were on the line, the Daily Mail writes. 
The Guardian writes that Chancellor Rishi Sunak's winter economy plan will "continue protecting jobs" as Britain enters a new phase of the pandemic. 
Students have been given a Christmas lockdown warning as government scientists warn that travelling home poses a risk of "larger outbreaks" of COVID-19, the i reports. 
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror leads Labour leader Keir Starmer's blast at prime minister Boris Johnson and his handling of the coronavirus crisis as he said Britain "shouldn’t have one of the highest death rates in the world". 
Daily Telegraph
Rishi Sunak will announce a replacement for the furlough scheme as part of a new economic rescue package to get the country through six more months of coronavirus restrictions, The Daily Telegraph reports. 
Metro writes that the founder of Pret has accused Boris Johnson of putting "millions" of jobs in danger with his coronavirus crackdown as the number of cases hit a five-month high.
Financial Times
The Financial Times reports that Rishi Sunak has scrapped his autumn budget as he scrambled to roll out emergency schemes to prop up jobs and businesses as the economy heads towards a bleak Covid winter.