Newspaper Round Up: 25th of September 2020

Daily Express
The Daily Express front page has a more optimistic tone, focusing on Rishi Sunak’s claims Britain “will get through this” as he unveiled his £5bn plan for jobs this winter.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror’s front page describes the chancellor’s new jobs scheme as “too little too late”. 
The Guardian reports on the chancellor's promise that not all jobs can be saved by his winter support scheme and that the economy is undergoing "permanent adjustment". 
Financial Times
The Financial Times reports on research by King's College London that only 11% of people who should be quarantining are doing so.
Daily Telegraph
Propping up jobs with taxpayers’ money would be “fundamentally wrong”, the chancellor told the House of Commons on Thursday, reports The Daily Telegraph. 
The Metro leads on "Radical" Rishi Sunak's plans to support workers when the furlough scheme ends after he set them out in the Commons on Thursday. The front page also features a picture of the prime minister's fiancee Carrie Symonds and their baby on holiday in Italy.