Newspaper Round Up: 26th of November 2020

Daily Mail
"This is going to hurt, Britain" is how the Daily Mail responds to what it describes as the "terrifying cost of Covid" laid out by Mr Sunak, who is pictured during a visit to a health research centre on Wednesday. The paper says Britain has been "braced" for years of post-Covid tax rises as the national debt is expected to hit a "staggering" £2.8 trillion by 2025-26.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror reflects a tribute by Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker for its headline that Maradona is now in the "hands of God", following a heart attack at his Buenos Aires home.
The Times's splash says a forecast from the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) shows that coronavirus has cost the nation three years of economic growth.
Daily Express
But the Daily Express sees the Spending Review as Mr Sunak's "pledge to deliver on your priorities".
Guardian's front page also carries news of the chancellor's Spending Review amid official forecasts that predict the UK's biggest economic decline in 300 years following the coronavirus pandemic.
Daily Star
The Daily Star's front page asks where the controversial video assistant referee (VAR) system was when Maradona had his "Hand of God" moment.
Daily Telegraph
The chancellor's ominous warning that Britain's economic emergency has "only just begun", is the Telegraph's top story. The paper says Rishi Sunak "put the country on notice" of tax rises to pay for the £550bn cost of the pandemic in his Spending Review on Wednesday. The Telegraph also says that Liverpool - which was the first area in England to go under the highest Covid rules- could be placed into a lower category of measures when the specifics of a toughened system of regional tiered restrictions for England are set out later.
The Metro also leads with Lineker's words in its headline - and pictures Maradona lifting the World Cup. It is also one of several to report on the Duchess of Sussex's "heartbreak" after she revealed in a New York Times article that she had suffered a miscarriage in the summer.