Newspaper Round Up: 27th of January 2022

Daily Star Front Page 27th of January 2022

The Daily Star has a picture of a tombstone with the words ‘Here lies the prime minister’s credibility. And lies and lies and lies and lies…’ The paper says Boris Johnson is ‘clinging on’ as he is accused of telling ‘another whopper’.

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Guardian Front Page 27th of January 2022

Boris Johnson’s credibility has been
thrown further into question after
new Foreign Office emails appeared
to contradict his insistence he
did not authorise the rescue of cats
and dogs from a British charity in
Afghanistan during the fall of Kabul, writes The Guardian.

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Metro Front Page 27th of January 2022

Prince Andrew has set the
stage for a showdown in a civil court against the woman who accuses him
of sexually assaulting her, by demanding a trial
before a jury in New York, writes Metro. He denies all the allegations.

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