Newspaper Round Up: 27th of July 2020

The Times adds that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has warned the quarantine measures may be applied elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of Britons have been rushing to cancel foreign holidays in countries including to France, Italy and Greece, according to the broadsheet.
Daily Mirror
The Daily Mirror proclaims the new measures have caused "holiday hell" for millions of Britons. The paper says some 600,000 people already in Spain must self-isolate on their return, while others with breaks booked to Spain may have to cancel.
Daily Mail
Excitement over a new biography of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continues in the Daily Mail. It claims the "bombshell" book is likely to "scupper any hopes of renegotiating their royal duties" in the future.
Daily Express
The Daily Express says millions of Britons are facing "holiday chaos". Mr Raab defended the move on Sunday, saying the government "can't make apologies". But Labour's Jonathan Ashworth has condemned the handling of the changes as "shambolic".
The new coronavirus travel rule - requiring travellers arriving in the UK from Spain to quarantine for 14 days - is prominent on Monday's front pages. The Guardian reports holidaymakers were warned on Sunday that the government could impose "handbrake restrictions" on more countries beyond Spain to stop the spread of coronavirus - with travellers unlikely to be given much warning in advance of the measures being enforced.
Daily Star
And the Daily Star says broadcaster Kate Garraway was left "shaken" on Sunday when her car tyre blew out on the motorway.
Daily Telegraph
And the Daily Telegraph reports growing fears that France and Germany could join Spain on the UK's quarantine list. The paper splashes with Prime Minister Boris Johnson walking his dog, Dilyn, in the ground of Chequers, as the government launches its strategy to tackle obesity. Ministers are urging everyone who is overweight to lose at least five pounds to save the NHS £100m, the paper says.
"The Pain in Spain" is the headline on the front page of the Metro. It claims the quarantine measure - announced less than six hours before it came into force - has left up to 1.5m British tourists in Spain already or due to travel there "in limbo".
Financial Times
The Financial Times leads with reports that Europe's biggest banks are braced for more loan losses from the coronavirus crisis.