Newspaper Round Up: 28th of July 2020

The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez is quoted in the Times as saying that Britain had made an "error" as infections in most regions were lower than in the UK. He said talks were continuing to try to make the UK government "change its mind".
Daily Mirror
The fallout from the change to the quarantine rules - which mean travellers returning to the UK from Spain must now self-isolate for 14 days - continues to dominate the front pages. "Quarantine shambles" and "holiday chaos" is what the Daily Mirror is calling it, saying some 14 million Brits will now "shun foreign trips". It adds that "staycations" could boost the UK economy by £3.7bn.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail says the quarantine rules have left "dreams of a summer getaway for millions of families were hanging in the balance". It also describes the government's move as "a huge blow" to the tourism industry at home and abroad.
Daily Express
"Millions of summer holidays ruined" is the Daily Express' take. It says the government has told anyone travelling abroad now that they "do so at their own risk".
Daily Star
It's a similar theme in the Daily Star, which says many more Brits are facing "summer holiday misery". It features a mocked up picture of Boris Johnson dressed as a clown at passport control on its front page.
Europe is "bracing for a second wave" of Covid-19 after new outbreaks, claims the Guardian. The paper says it raises the prospect of new restrictions being introduced "at a time when millions of people are travelling across the continent for their summer holidays".
Financial Times
And the US dollar falling to a two-year low is the focus for the Financial Times. It says the drop comes amid "deep unease over the US economic recovery in the face of what is still an accelerating coronavirus health crisis in the country".
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph claims the government is hoping to announce plans to cut quarantine to 10 days for people arriving from countries with high levels of coronavirus. Under the policy, the paper says arrivals would need to take a test for the virus eight days after arriving, and if they tested negative they could come out of self-isolation two days later.
The headline in the i newspaper refers to Downing Street's comment that "no travel is risk free". There was a row between the Department for Transport and No 10 over the government's change in policy, according to the paper.
The Metro reports that "only one person" has been fined by police for breaching the requirement to self-isolate after arriving from abroad. It says separate figures from the UK Border Force show that as of 10 July the agency had penalised only three people over quarantine.